October 10,2012 - (posted 12/31/2012)

On May 2, 2005 David attended the movie premiere of Kingdom of Heaven and was briefly interviewed by Sam Mann from Capitol FM Radio, she also writes a column for the Daily Mail.

". . . and Doctor Who-in-waiting David Tennant who told me he is looking forward to getting his teeth into the role. He mentioned that he grew up loving the show and it has been a lifelong dream of his to have his very own Tardis. - Daily Mail - May 13, 2005

That appearance also generated some foolish gutter press about David and his friend Louise Delamere, who accompanied him that evening and also an item about Amy Nuttal from Emmerdale making a pass at David - and thus it began - David and  foolish items in the great British Press - the downside of being the next Doctor!