December 20, 2012

Apparently the question of how to pronounce 2010 conversation David and Catherine had on Boxing Day 2009 on BBC Radio Two got noticed outside the UK, mostly due to the fact that The Telegraph as having a slow news day on the 27th!

You know your famous when even the Lorean Times is interested in what you have to say!

Korea Times   December 29, 2009 - 

"How do you pronounce the upcoming year 2010?

British daily Telegraph reported Monday that there are people who read '2010' as "twenty-ten" or those who pronounce "two thousand and ten," and even those who pronounce 'two-o-two-o."

How to pronounce '2010' was raised in a program on Radio 2 of BBC on Boxing Day, which was hosted by actor David Tennant and actress Catherine Tate, according to the Telegraph.

Tennant and Tate referred to the year as 'twenty ten,' while guest comedian Bernard Cribbins said he believed "most elderly people would prefer to say two thousand and ten."

The paper reported that the BBC has a unit which decides on uniform pronunciation. "However, the BBC said there had been no ruling on 2010," the paper said on its Web edition.

"Prior to the show, it was decided "twenty ten" was the easiest way to pronounce the year. It was not breaking any rules to say it in an alternative way," a BBC spokesman was quoted as saying."

 I'm so glad to hear that David and Catherine weren't breaking any rules!