December 27, 2012

Dom Jolly really took a long time to find out what we already know  - David Tennant is a nice guy - really!

In December 2009 Dom complained about David being quoted on the BBC for 3 days running - 

David Tennant: not interesting enough for Dom Joly
"Dom Joly has got a bee in his bonnet about the "quote of the day" on the BBC news website. "Quote of the Day from David Tennant on the BBC Website.....gripping stuff....anyone else think he's a touch over-exposed?" asked Joly on Twitter. And later: "David Tennant's gripping quote still up as Quote of the day on BBC news Website - someone please say something interesting...quick." And then, earlier today: "David Tennant still up on BBC News Website for third day running with dullest quote of the day ever..." he tweets. Three days running? Well it IS Christmas. Anyway, here's the quote. "I remember having a big Scalextric and my auntie helping me build it - then I was upstairs for the rest of the day playing with it." Joly may have a point." - The Guardian - December 30, 2009

First this quote originally appeared on the BBC News page in an article called Talking Shop: Stars at Christmas.  This featured:
 Judi Dench
Bill Bailey
Gary Lightbody

David Nielson
Gray O'Brien
Claire Cooper
Gerard McCarthy
Chris Edwards

Florence Welch
Sarah Harding
Little Boots
Noddy Holder

as well as David - they were all asked - What are you doing for Christmas this year? David's full answer:

What are you doing for Christmas this year?
Actor David Tennant
I don't actually know what I'm doing for Christmas yet. That's a debate that has to be had with various family members.
I'm not quite sure what we're doing yet. But I'm sure I'll be with some family and friends. That's how everyone should spend Christmas, right?
It's a big family occasion. I remember having a big Scalextric and my auntie helping me build it - then I was upstairs for the rest of the day playing with it. 

AND the only reason it was up for three days was the fact it was the Christmas Hols and so that feature wasn't updated!

In The Independent, April 13, 2009 he admits that he doesn't like Doctor Who but he does now like DT because he has no interest in football - a non-interest shared by Dom himself.

"Last week on Five Live, the presenter Colin Murray, who is an unstoppable "Who do you support?" merchant, asked the current Doctor Who, David Tennant, the question. He sheepishly admitted that he didn't have much interest in the game. "How about golf or croquet?" persisted Murray, insinuating that having no interest in the game is a sort of class decision.

It was a pretty good, informed interview until then, but suddenly the rapport disintegrated and it all ground to a halt. I don't like Doctor Who as a programme (there's another conversation stopper) but I really like Tennant now – I feel a kinship with him that was sorely lacking when he was just slaying Daleks."

Finally in October of 2010 when he actually got to meet him and see him perform on the boards he gets it!!!  They both took part in Celebrity Autobiography at the Leicester Square Theatre on October 6th.

If you want to read more about David's to performances in the show click here.