December 29, 2012

He seems to be doing OK even so . . .

'I've never done the career plan .
'My ambition goes from one project to the next. I look to the next thing to be exciting, inspiring, different. I get ambitious for a script. If something comes in I really want to do, I get very hungry and excited about that - and crushed if I don't get it.'  - The Daily Record - November 24, 2005

"David says he's never had a career plan , and to know what he's doing until April (filming Doctor Who) is 'mind-boggling... though my accountant is very pleased! After that, I might do Doctor Who again, but that depends on viewing figures, on whether the BBC like me and whether I survive Cardiff for nine months.'"  - Sunday Mercury - December 11, 2005

"You've had the experience of the leading role in a film when you did LA Without A Map. Is Hollywood something that you'd be interested in pursuing?

It's not something I'd focus on or actively seek out. I've never had a grand five year plan or anything like that. I've always just bumbled along and things have worked out. Obviously if I was offered something I would consider it." - Feb 2006

"Q: Do you feel tempted by Hollywood?
A: I’m not un-tempted! But I’m in no rush. I’ve never had a great five year plan. I wouldn’t say no if something came by and was worth doing".  - Academy Magazine - Fall 2007

“I just look for whatever comes up that is interesting to me,” he said. “I’ve been lucky with the choices and I suppose I should think more tactically [about my career]. But I’ve always been a bumbler and have bumbled my way through. So far, it’s worked out.” - Hollywood Reporter - April 21, 2011

"...have you made a conscious effort to do very different roles since leaving the show, or is that something you just do for yourself, as an actor?

Nothing is that conscious with me, really. I just bumble from one thing to the next and hope things will make sense." - - August 17th, 2011