March 11, 2012 (posted on 12/31/2012)

The Five Doctors was a 90 minute special that as created for the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who and shown for Children in Need.  The story concerns the first five incarnations of the Doctor being plucked from time and space and deposited in the Dead Zone on Gallifrey.  The Brigadier, Sarah Jane, K-9, Romana and even Bessie make an appearance as well.  We also get the Master and the Cybermen for baddies and other past companions make an appearance like Zoe and Jaimie.  William Hartnell had passed away by the time the special was made so he was portrayed by Richard Hurndall and Tom Bake declined to take part so his appearance is from footage from the unseen (at that time) episode called Shada.

So what has all this got to do with David Tennant, I hear you cry, well in 2008 the BBC released a new special edition DVD of The Five Doctors to commemorate the 25th anniversary of it's broadcast AND David recorded a special commentary track for it. So there!

The special commentary features David, Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson and Doctor Who script editor and writer Helen Raynor.  In order to find the Easter Egg track you have to go to the Special Features menu, go down to Companions Commentary and click right on your remote, when you see the green doctor who logo, click it.

Some of David's quotes from the track:

"I'm David Tennant and I play or played the 10th Doctor, who doesn't appear in this."

"As a 12 year old child, when this came on the television, it was one of the most exciting things that had ever happened."

David couldn't be home on the night it aired live and "I thought I was going to pass out" because he was going to miss the biggest Doctor Who event - EVER!  Their family didn't have a video recorder so he asked his neighbors to tape it for him!