December 17, 2012

When David as in San Diego in 2009 at Comic Con he was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune via phone.  In the final paragraph of the article he summed up his feelings about playing the Doctor:

"As a rule, it takes an enormous infusion of creativity and energy and enthusiasm to do it justice, which I've had, I think -- I've really enjoyed the last four years," Tennant said. "I'm quite happy to leave it still feeling that way, leave it before it starts feeling like a job. ... I have such fond memories of watching 'Doctor Who' when I was a kid and growing up, that if I've left anybody anywhere with memories as fond, then I feel like I've done my job."

I too have fond memories of watching Doctor Who in my early teens we got Tom Baker on PBS.  I was th only person in my high school walking around asking people if they wanted a jelly baby!  My parents had to drive me 20 miles to the British import store that sold them.  I came back to the Doctor when I saw Voyage of the Damned at a sci fi con in Boston = I was hooked and in my humble opinion David certainly did his job . . .  very, very well.