December 15, 2012

Here is David's description of The Doctor as he has always been and how he will be when he becomes him, taken from an interview published December 15, 2005 in the Western Daily Press (Bristol):

"The fantastic thing about the regeneration process is every time the Doctor goes through it, he changes to an extent. So as an actor, you get to work on a blank canvas where you don't have to worry too much about what has gone before."

So, what can we expect from his interpretation of the role? "It's interesting, because he's always going to be the moral egalitarian, humanitarian, slightly wild, slightly anarchic bloke he's always been," reveals the 34-year-old actor.

"But because he's getting older he's moving on. He's seen it all before, every alien creature with a superiority complex.

"Viewers are going to see a slightly more no-nonsense Doctor and that is influenced by what Chris did with him. We are more aware that he's someone who fought a war, lost all his people and because he's the last Time Lord, the last authority in the universe, he's less indulgent, more ruthless."