March 17, 2012 (posted 01/01/2013)

Oh The Daily Mail where would we be without your oh so witty headlines! Here are some from articles about David, see if you can figure out what the article might have been about from the headline.

Brainwave in the asylum -October 19, 1994

Sheer horror from brothers grim - November 14, 2003

SUITS YOU DR NEW - July 26, 2005

Tardis' new Tennant - December 13, 2005

 Tooth is out there, Doc - December 16, 2005

Who's in a Bit of Bovver - July 10, 2006

Dr Who;s having a Bard Day - September 4, 2006

Doctored Notes - December 26, 2006

Like Cat & Doc - April 11, 2007

Who Love's ya Kylie? - August 8, 2007

Doctor Who Be Or Not To Be - September 3, 2007

Doc's Timed Travel - December 18, 2007

Doctor Viewed - April 7, 2008

Dr Who is Bard From Going Out - July 28, 2008

Tennant in a Bard Way - December 11, 2008

I'm DR BOO HOO - Goodbye - April 9, 2009

All Change as Tennant's Lease Runs Out - November 26, 2009

Tennant to Show Who's the Daddy - February 19, 2010

Oh Lord . . . Who's That Bare Bum? -  October 9, 2010

Who's That on a First Class Stamp? - April 12, 2011

Much-a-Who About Nothing - June 2, 2011

Who-ha Over David's TV Ad - April 9, 2012

March 14, 2012 (posted 12/31/2012)

We all know that there was a Doctor Who Prom that David appeared in via the big screen but did you know that David made an appearance at the 2003 Proms!

On July 23, 2003, at the Royal Albert Hall, 10:00 pm Prom number 08 Felix Mendelssohn's Antigone,Op55, a Proms premiere in fact. The conductor was Richard Hickox and Roderick Williams and Stephan Loges were the featured soloists.  The director and translator of the original German was
Eugenia Arsenis.

The evening featured the City of London Sinfonia and the BBC Singers and BBC Men's Chorus.

Mendelssohn written melodramas (music supporting individual spoken lines) like A midsummer Night's Dream, which David performed with the Sinfonia in 2001.

The performers this evening for Antigone were: 

Brian Protheroe - Creon 
Zoë Waites - Antigone
Kate Duchêne - Ismene
David Tennant - Haemon
David Calder - Chorus Leader/Messenger/Servant
John Carlisle - Tirésias

David's performance was mentioned in The Independent:

"David Tennant (a believably young Haemon) could well belong in that august company . . ."

The set consisted of a bower to the left, a single tree to the right.

March 13, 2012 (posted on 12/31/2012)

The Ian Charleson Awards are administered by the Royal National Theatre in London and are presented to actors under the age of 30 for outstanding performances in a classical role. It was established in 1991 after the Scottish actor's death from AIDS, he is probably best known as Eric Liddell, in Chariots of Fire, but he portrayed many classical roles with the RSC, the National and the BBC.

David was nominated in 2000 for his role as Antipholus in Comedy of Errors.  The ceremony took place on March 23, 2001 at the National Theatre on the South Bank and the guest of honour was Derek Jacobi.

The other finalists were:

From the RSC - Henry IV: David Oyelowo: Henry VI, Nancy Carroll: Lady Percy, Joe Renton: Peto,
Sam Troughton: Young Talbot, James O'Donnell: Page/Ostler

Also from the RSC - The Seagull: John Light: Constantine, Justine Waddell: Nina

Chiwetel Ejiofor: Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, National Theatre
Martin Hutson: Silvius in As You Like It, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Molly Innes: Electra in Electra, Theatre Babel, Glasgow

Zoe Waites: Vittoria in The White Devil, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith 

The winner was David Oyelowo, the second prize went to John Light and the third prize to Zoe Waites.

March 12, 2012 (posted on 12/31/2012)

On November 21, 2006 various cast members from Doctor Who, including David Tennant, John Barrowman, Noel Clarke, Nick Briggs and Tracy Oberman, met up at Pinewood Studios to record a special edition of The Weakest Link.

The programme aired March 30, 2007, the night before the third series debuted.  The bloopers from that night also turned up on Outtakes TV and David filmed part of his video diary backstage on the night and appears on the Doctor Who Complete Third Series DVD, Disc 4 Special

In his diary he worries that he might go on telly and look like a 'bit of an idiot' - while David did very well, me made it almost to the end, he was voted out by Noel and Camille Coduri, who battled to the end and Camille won £16,500 for her charities.  David did make one major flub concerning the capitol of Denmark  which I am sure he will never forget is Copenhagen!

Anne: "So David, does the Doctor not travel in Northern Europe?

David: "I'm so humiliated I said Bruge, I'm never going to live that down am I?

We also got some great singing from Noel and John!

Poor Tracy-Anne Oberman had just become a new Mom at the time of the filming and wrote this in The Guardian on November 28, 2012:

"Pre-birth I had gamely agreed to do a Dr Who Weakest Link charity special, and now I couldn't wriggle out of it. Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing: it was during rehearsal - as David Tennant smiled sympathetically while I randomly shouted "bank!", pressed all the wrong buttons and practically knocked over my podium - that I realised things might be going pear-shaped in the brain department. By eight o'clock I was breaking into a cold sweat, unable to remember my own name, let alone those of my fellow contestants. By the time the penetrating ginger-gaze of Annie Robinson lasered in on me, all I could hear in my head was her barking: "Tracy-Ann Oberman. You are the fattest link. Goodbye!"

March 11, 2012 (posted on 12/31/2012)

The Five Doctors was a 90 minute special that as created for the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who and shown for Children in Need.  The story concerns the first five incarnations of the Doctor being plucked from time and space and deposited in the Dead Zone on Gallifrey.  The Brigadier, Sarah Jane, K-9, Romana and even Bessie make an appearance as well.  We also get the Master and the Cybermen for baddies and other past companions make an appearance like Zoe and Jaimie.  William Hartnell had passed away by the time the special was made so he was portrayed by Richard Hurndall and Tom Bake declined to take part so his appearance is from footage from the unseen (at that time) episode called Shada.

So what has all this got to do with David Tennant, I hear you cry, well in 2008 the BBC released a new special edition DVD of The Five Doctors to commemorate the 25th anniversary of it's broadcast AND David recorded a special commentary track for it. So there!

The special commentary features David, Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson and Doctor Who script editor and writer Helen Raynor.  In order to find the Easter Egg track you have to go to the Special Features menu, go down to Companions Commentary and click right on your remote, when you see the green doctor who logo, click it.

Some of David's quotes from the track:

"I'm David Tennant and I play or played the 10th Doctor, who doesn't appear in this."

"As a 12 year old child, when this came on the television, it was one of the most exciting things that had ever happened."

David couldn't be home on the night it aired live and "I thought I was going to pass out" because he was going to miss the biggest Doctor Who event - EVER!  Their family didn't have a video recorder so he asked his neighbors to tape it for him!

March 10, 2012 (posted 12/31/2012)

April 20, 2012 saw David in attendance at the gala premiere of Hay Fever, starring Dame Judy Dench - these two really should get into the theatre ON the stage together at some point!

This was David's first appearance in public with his full beard, which he grew for Recovery.

NEW Doctor Who David Tennant has swapped his clean-cut, pinstripe-suited geek chic look for a hairy new bohemian image moustache, beard and red velvet jacket.
"It's my new look do you like it?" twinkled David, Meanwhile, he confided that he has not yet signed up for a second series as the Timelord though he would like to.

"I'd be very happy to do more but it's up to the BBC. It's not cut and dried, " he told us at the Masterclass benefit event at London's Theatre Royal Haymarket, where he accompanied his friend Adam James, whose girlfriend, Olivia Darnley, is in the play.  Clearly enjoying himself as the 10th Doctor, David added:

"I've been overwhelmed by the response and the Doctor Who fans have been great. I don't mind the attention. "The only problem is that all my actor friends keep wanting guest roles in the show but that's not down to me!" - The Express - April 27, 2006

The funniest thing about that last quote was that he went to the play with his friend Adam James, who did get a part in Planet of the Dead!

David has appeared in Hay Fever, back in 1992 in Edinburgh - he played the part of Simon Bliss - and also in the play was Louise Delemere!

June 6, 2012 (posted on 12/31/2012)

David got his first red carpet film interview on November 6, 2005 - there would be many more yet to come.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had it's London premiere in Leicester Square that night, alas it was in the rain.

David made a comment that he would never have an audience so big again- HAH!

It was also the last time we saw David on the red carpet not in a suit - even at the premiere of the next Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, which he wasn't in, he turned up in his red velvet! 

 Here's the interview:

October 11, 2012 (posted 12/31/2012)

David got to do loads of really cool things in connection with being The Doctor, his first appearance in front of a big crowd was on November 17, 2005 when he and Billie Piper got to switch on the Cardiff Christmas lights. Not surprisingly the event was covered in the South Wales Echo but prior to Doctor Who fever I doubt the Cardiff switch on ever got covered in the Liverpool Daily Post!  Not to be left out the Swindon papers also covered the switch on - which should be no surprise since this is Billie's hometown.

The event was also broadcast live on Welsh TV.

"The festive season is officially here - that's according to the hundreds of cheering revellers who turned out to see the stars of Dr Who switch on Cardiff 's Christmas lights .

New Doctor David Tennant and Billie Piper, who plays his assistant Rose, looked thrilled as they flipped the switch to transform the capital.

Billie, who has been filming with her new co-star in Cardiff , said she had been overwhelmed by her welcome to the city, which celebrates its centenary year this year. She said: 'I've had the warmest welcome, it's been really lovely. It's all been great, we're having such a great time here at the moment. 'Everybody's been very nice, we walk down the street and everybody says hello.'

David said: 'I'm having a great time. It's very nice and quite overwhelming to be here.' He added: 'Everyone in Cardiff 's friendly aren't they?'

To which there were cries of 'Yes!'.


Billie revealed how her favourite scene in the sci-fi smash hit show will be broadcast over Christmas and will involve being attacked by a Christmas tree. Speaking from the stage outside City Hall, she said: 'That's pretty exciting and quite threatening and scary at the same time.'
The pair then counted down from 10 to one and shouted 'Nadolig Llawen, Happy Christmas ' as they switched on the festive lights . (Ed Note: If you were in attendance at the recent Midnight convention you gt to hear them both say it again in Welsh!)

The crowds, with Dr Who writer Russell T Davies among them, were then treated to a dazzling firework display." - South Wales Echo - November 18, 2012

There was also coverage in the other Cardiff paper, The Western Mail, they printed Billie's entire quote:

"Cardiff is like my home town now - I have been here for about two years. We have the warmest welcome wherever we go, it's been really lovely. 'You have been so generous, giving up your streets and restaurants for us to film. 'It's all been great, we're having such a great time here at the moment, everyone is being so nice and so friendly."

They also had more of what David said as well:

"Tennant said, 'I'm having a great time in Cardiff , it's such a nice place and it's quite overwhelming to be here.'  'I'm having a miserable time - Max Boyce is taking over as the new Doctor,' he joked, before adding, 'I'm having a ball, I get to hang out with Billie Piper, it's a great time. 'Every day is different, the other day we were hanging 30ft in the air, although I can't tell you why."

"DR Who's David Tennant and his co-star in the series Billie Piper switched on Cardiff 's Christmas lights last night in front of hundreds of cheering onlookers.
Piper revealed how her favourite scene will be broadcast over Christmas and will involve being attacked by a Christmas tree. Speaking from a stage in the city centre she said: "That's pretty exciting and quite threatening and scary at the same time."

Piper, who has been filming in Cardiff for around two years, added; "Everyone's been very nice. It's all very friendly."

Tennant said: "I'm having a great time. It's very nice and quite overwhelming to be here."

The pair then counted down from ten to one before fireworks were set off." - Daily Post Liverpool  

October 10,2012 - (posted 12/31/2012)

On May 2, 2005 David attended the movie premiere of Kingdom of Heaven and was briefly interviewed by Sam Mann from Capitol FM Radio, she also writes a column for the Daily Mail.

". . . and Doctor Who-in-waiting David Tennant who told me he is looking forward to getting his teeth into the role. He mentioned that he grew up loving the show and it has been a lifelong dream of his to have his very own Tardis. - Daily Mail - May 13, 2005

That appearance also generated some foolish gutter press about David and his friend Louise Delamere, who accompanied him that evening and also an item about Amy Nuttal from Emmerdale making a pass at David - and thus it began - David and  foolish items in the great British Press - the downside of being the next Doctor!

December 31, 2012

We all know what an amazing theatre actor David is but he also enjoys a night out at the theatre either to support his mates while they tread the boards or just to see a great actor perform - sometimes they are even one and the same.

Unfortunately once the news broke that he was about to become the 10th Doctor he couldn't just turn up at a performance and quietly take his seat.  The first hint that perhaps his life might never be the same was on May 17, 2005, just a couple of weeks after the big press announcement, he attended the opening night of  Death of a Salesman starring the American actor Brian Dennehy.

The press was there in force and as usual they want to ask about anything buy the play.  Dame Judy Dench was also in attendance and was asked to comment about Pop Idol winner Will Young's nude scene in the film she was currently filming with him  - she did not comment.

Following in Dame Judy's footsteps when David was asked about the current to do in the press concerning the censorship if Doctor Who DVD's, he tactfully replied:

"Ever the diplomat, she would not be drawn on Young's nude scene. David Tennant , the new Doctor Who, is also a diplomat. Asked if he agreed with the censors banning children from buying DVDs of the new series because of cruelty to Daleks, he said: "Please don't ask me anything difficult."  The Times - May 21, 2005

December 30, 2012

Two interesting Hogmanay celebrations David has attended, one in LA and one in Edinburgh:

When David was in LA filming LA Without a Map he made friends with Johnny Depp, who had a cameo appearance in the film.

"He (Johnny Depp) even invited him as guest of honour at the notorious Viper Room, which he owns.

David said: "It was Hogmanay, Run-DMC were playing in this club, which holds only 150 people.

"The security was fierce and the bouncer couldn't find my name amongst this sheet of around 20 bits of paper.

"He was telling me I wasn't on it and I was praying that Johnny had put me on the list - it would have been so embarrassing as there was this massive queue of people, all trying to get in.

"But eventually the guy found it and I ended up rubbing shoulders with Hollywood for a night. It was fantastic."  - The Daily Record - March 16, 1998

I can't even begin to picture David in a club with Run DMC! But this party description from 1992 is even weirder!  While it doesn't name David I will assume he was one of the cast that turned up!

"Even by the anarchic standards of Hogmanay in Edinburgh, the party held at the Off-Centre Club, based in the 369 Gallery in the Cowgate, was memorably bizarre.

Billed as a Time Machine party, it was hosted by Roxy, the capital city's father of punk who appears exclusively during the hours of darkness, a Proustian eccentricity which has given rise to much sinister speculation.

Arrivals first had to negotiate their way past Roxanne (not to be confused with Roxy the host), a female bouncer imported from Brixton's Fridge nightclub who sported a ring through her nose and was encumbered by fetters (quite right, too, Cockburn thought too many employers these days allow their staff excessive liberty).

Roxy himself was resplendent in a mauve hunting coat and floral waistcoat from Vivienne Westwood's Dangerous Liaisons collection, a gift from the fashion queen herself. He received more than 400 guests, supported by Stuart Forbes, owner of the Off-Centre club.

``People are fed-up with hard-core music," declared Roxy. ``Why shouldn't things be colourful in Edinburgh? Tonight's themes are Caribbean and Ibiza, tartan and glamour."

Everybody on the dance floor seemed to be wearing tartan. ``Scottish nationalism is bringing kilts back into fashion again," announced Colin Veitch.

Morag Deyes, a dancer with Welsh National Opera, had come from Bath; Janet Lorimer, the painter, was flaunting her Andrew Logan brooch; and Brian Loudon, manager of the Lyceum theatre, turned up with some of the cast of Shinda the Magic Ape. Nobody recalls the bacon sandwiches served at 5am."

The Sunday Times - January 5, 1992 - Henry Cockburn

December 29, 2012

He seems to be doing OK even so . . .

'I've never done the career plan .
'My ambition goes from one project to the next. I look to the next thing to be exciting, inspiring, different. I get ambitious for a script. If something comes in I really want to do, I get very hungry and excited about that - and crushed if I don't get it.'  - The Daily Record - November 24, 2005

"David says he's never had a career plan , and to know what he's doing until April (filming Doctor Who) is 'mind-boggling... though my accountant is very pleased! After that, I might do Doctor Who again, but that depends on viewing figures, on whether the BBC like me and whether I survive Cardiff for nine months.'"  - Sunday Mercury - December 11, 2005

"You've had the experience of the leading role in a film when you did LA Without A Map. Is Hollywood something that you'd be interested in pursuing?

It's not something I'd focus on or actively seek out. I've never had a grand five year plan or anything like that. I've always just bumbled along and things have worked out. Obviously if I was offered something I would consider it." - Feb 2006

"Q: Do you feel tempted by Hollywood?
A: I’m not un-tempted! But I’m in no rush. I’ve never had a great five year plan. I wouldn’t say no if something came by and was worth doing".  - Academy Magazine - Fall 2007

“I just look for whatever comes up that is interesting to me,” he said. “I’ve been lucky with the choices and I suppose I should think more tactically [about my career]. But I’ve always been a bumbler and have bumbled my way through. So far, it’s worked out.” - Hollywood Reporter - April 21, 2011

"...have you made a conscious effort to do very different roles since leaving the show, or is that something you just do for yourself, as an actor?

Nothing is that conscious with me, really. I just bumble from one thing to the next and hope things will make sense." - - August 17th, 2011

December 28, 2012

Some actors change once they become really famous, especially when they do interviews, David has always been true to himself when speaking to the press - then and now.

 "I have no idea how to describe myself. Tall, skinny and Scottish. Overall, I am fairly happy. Maybe a bit bewildered. Only recently the National, the RSC, they seemed a million miles away. Then suddenly Dame Judi Dench is across the corridor."  - August 17, 1996 - The Times

'Before those scenes I vow to go to the gym but then I think 'to hell with it'. It seems to make absolutely no difference to me, I just stay a skinny streak of nothing.' - June 4, 2000 - Sunday Mercury

"It's difficult to describe your own personality. I'd say tall, skinny and Scottish. That's the basic design of me and pretty accurate actually. I'm not painting a pretty picture am I? Shall I lie? I'm devastatingly handsome - honest." - July 23, 2002 - The Metro

"He was voted sexiest man on TV last December but admitted he was 'bewildered' by the accolade and confessed he had voted for John Barrowman." -  May 13, 2009 - Daily Mail

"I think I've just been lucky, really," Tennant says, "because I'm not conventional leading-man stuff. I'm slightly left of centre. I remember going up for Casanova thinking: 'I haven't got a chance – the other people are much more traditional square-jawed types.'" - December 19, 2009 - The Guardian

December 27, 2012

Dom Jolly really took a long time to find out what we already know  - David Tennant is a nice guy - really!

In December 2009 Dom complained about David being quoted on the BBC for 3 days running - 

David Tennant: not interesting enough for Dom Joly
"Dom Joly has got a bee in his bonnet about the "quote of the day" on the BBC news website. "Quote of the Day from David Tennant on the BBC Website.....gripping stuff....anyone else think he's a touch over-exposed?" asked Joly on Twitter. And later: "David Tennant's gripping quote still up as Quote of the day on BBC news Website - someone please say something interesting...quick." And then, earlier today: "David Tennant still up on BBC News Website for third day running with dullest quote of the day ever..." he tweets. Three days running? Well it IS Christmas. Anyway, here's the quote. "I remember having a big Scalextric and my auntie helping me build it - then I was upstairs for the rest of the day playing with it." Joly may have a point." - The Guardian - December 30, 2009

First this quote originally appeared on the BBC News page in an article called Talking Shop: Stars at Christmas.  This featured:
 Judi Dench
Bill Bailey
Gary Lightbody

David Nielson
Gray O'Brien
Claire Cooper
Gerard McCarthy
Chris Edwards

Florence Welch
Sarah Harding
Little Boots
Noddy Holder

as well as David - they were all asked - What are you doing for Christmas this year? David's full answer:

What are you doing for Christmas this year?
Actor David Tennant
I don't actually know what I'm doing for Christmas yet. That's a debate that has to be had with various family members.
I'm not quite sure what we're doing yet. But I'm sure I'll be with some family and friends. That's how everyone should spend Christmas, right?
It's a big family occasion. I remember having a big Scalextric and my auntie helping me build it - then I was upstairs for the rest of the day playing with it. 

AND the only reason it was up for three days was the fact it was the Christmas Hols and so that feature wasn't updated!

In The Independent, April 13, 2009 he admits that he doesn't like Doctor Who but he does now like DT because he has no interest in football - a non-interest shared by Dom himself.

"Last week on Five Live, the presenter Colin Murray, who is an unstoppable "Who do you support?" merchant, asked the current Doctor Who, David Tennant, the question. He sheepishly admitted that he didn't have much interest in the game. "How about golf or croquet?" persisted Murray, insinuating that having no interest in the game is a sort of class decision.

It was a pretty good, informed interview until then, but suddenly the rapport disintegrated and it all ground to a halt. I don't like Doctor Who as a programme (there's another conversation stopper) but I really like Tennant now – I feel a kinship with him that was sorely lacking when he was just slaying Daleks."

Finally in October of 2010 when he actually got to meet him and see him perform on the boards he gets it!!!  They both took part in Celebrity Autobiography at the Leicester Square Theatre on October 6th.

If you want to read more about David's to performances in the show click here.


December 26, 2012

Doctor Who director Saul Metzstein.wins the prize UH DUH prize today for his quote in Scotland on Sunday, December 23,2012:

"Matt is basically a genius who can animate a scene, spout incredibly hard dialogue, and hit all the right cues. Apparently David Tennant was like that as well."


December 25, 2012

From December 21st - December 24th 2009 and then again December 27th  December 31st, David read us all a bedtime story on CBBC.

This was the press release from the BBC:
 David Tennant
"There's a Christmas Eve treat for young story-lovers when Doctor Who star David Tennant swaps the Tardis for the Bedtime Story chair and breathes life into the enchanting seasonal tale of The Christmas Bear by Henrietta and Paul Stickland.

It's Christmas Eve and Bear Cub leaves his parents in their den to go out exploring. Falling into a big, bright hole in the snow, Cub finds himself in Santa's workshop and at the start of a wonderful Christmas adventure. From the post room to the wrapping room, Cub is given a whistle-stop tour of the Christmas present process – with a tantalising glimpse of the toy-testing room. But Cub is disappointed when it's time to leave – until Santa gives him the best present of all...

David Tennant reads four more stories during the festive season: How High Is The Sky by Anna Milbourne, illustrated by Serena Riglietti; Small Mouse, Big City by Simon Prescott; Emily Brown And The Elephant Emergency by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton; and Miki by Stephen Mackey." 

Other Doctor Who/David Tennant costars have read stories too - Alex Kingston, John Simm, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman.

". . .during his charming stewardship of CBeebies' Bedtime Stories , in which he reads short tales for children aged six and younger. Gathering garlands at the RSC one day, pretending to talk to an elephant on a toy telephone the next - is there nothing this man can't do?"   - The Scotsman - December 26, 2009 - Paul Whitelaw

Did you know that since The Christmas Bear was read both on Christmas Eve and later in the week the story had to dofferent introductions, one where David wishes us a Merry Christmas Eve and wrapping his last present for Christmas tomorrow and the other where he is warming his hands on the fire and wondereing who wraps the presents for Father Christmas - check them out below.

December 24, 2012

On May 2, 2012 posted an article written by James Plafke about the World’s First Scanning Electron Microscope That Displays Images in 3D.

So why am I posting this  - well to prove that David Tennant really does turn up everywhere!

Here is a quote from the article:

"This results in what is essentially parallax images, the old 3D trick with the red and blue lenses you may remember from old movies, coloring books, and David Tennant."

December 23, 2012

What would Christmas be without Eric and Ernie, (if you live in the US you'll have to google them), but I bet you never thought that their names would come up in a conversation about Romeo & Juliet!  Here is an excerpt of an article from Scotland on Sunday, July 23, 2000:

"We have just had a mordantly funny Morecambe and Wise moment. Romeo is skulking in the background, desperately trying to catch his friend Benvolio's eye as their mate Mercutio makes one filthy pun after another. Each attempt by the two young men to make eye contact ends with everybody in the room corpsing with laughter.

"It's pure Eric and Ernie, isn't it?" murmurs Michael Boyd, the Royal Shakespeare Company director rehearsing Shakespeare's romantic tragedy prior to its Stratford-upon-Avon opening.

It was Bathgate-born actor David Tennant's idea that they should introduce this bit of business into Act II, scene 1, when the hung- over Montague lads go in search of Romeo. "You were doing an Eric," Boyd grins at Tennant, the lanky 29-year-old playing Romeo. "No, I wasn't," denies Tennant. "I was pushing energy up from the back of the stage."

"Yeah, well, much as we all love Eric and Ernie, and Shirley Bassey tripping up over the scenery, let us forget that idea and get back to the main business of this scene. Which is everybody talking about shagging," Boyd declares unequivocally."

December 22, 2012

Did you know that fans of David set up a 'grove' in his honor ith the charity Trees for Life.  This is a Scottish charity dedicated to restoring  the Caledonian Forest, an area of 1000 square miles in the Scottish Highlands.

Every year hundreds of volunteers plant over 100,000 trees in protected areas and also carry out conservation work.  Since 1989 they have planted over 950,000 trees!!!

The charity's founder and executive director, Alan Watson Featherstone has something in common with David as well, he has won a Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award - in the environment category.

The grove was set up by Ginger Crawford and so far 65 trees have been planted in David's name!

You can see David's page and donate to plant more trees here!

December 21, 2012

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for that Doctor Who fan in your life I recommend Chicks Unravel Time edited by Deborah Standish and L.M. Myles.  This book, published just last month, is a collection of essays written by woman about the various aspects of Doctor Who with titles such as 'The Doctor's Balls' 'For the Love of Tom', 'What Would Romana Do?' and 'David Tennant's Bum'!  The book is on Amazon and as an ebook.

Here is the first two paragraphs of the books introduction which explains the premise:

December 20, 2012

Apparently the question of how to pronounce 2010 conversation David and Catherine had on Boxing Day 2009 on BBC Radio Two got noticed outside the UK, mostly due to the fact that The Telegraph as having a slow news day on the 27th!

You know your famous when even the Lorean Times is interested in what you have to say!

Korea Times   December 29, 2009 - 

"How do you pronounce the upcoming year 2010?

British daily Telegraph reported Monday that there are people who read '2010' as "twenty-ten" or those who pronounce "two thousand and ten," and even those who pronounce 'two-o-two-o."

How to pronounce '2010' was raised in a program on Radio 2 of BBC on Boxing Day, which was hosted by actor David Tennant and actress Catherine Tate, according to the Telegraph.

Tennant and Tate referred to the year as 'twenty ten,' while guest comedian Bernard Cribbins said he believed "most elderly people would prefer to say two thousand and ten."

The paper reported that the BBC has a unit which decides on uniform pronunciation. "However, the BBC said there had been no ruling on 2010," the paper said on its Web edition.

"Prior to the show, it was decided "twenty ten" was the easiest way to pronounce the year. It was not breaking any rules to say it in an alternative way," a BBC spokesman was quoted as saying."

 I'm so glad to hear that David and Catherine weren't breaking any rules!

December 19, 2012

A quick quote about David in Blackpool from The Sydney Morning Herald - November 28, 2005

"Ripley has the police chief in his pocket, but he can't shake off the suspicions of Detective Inspector Peter Carlisle. Here is Blackpool's trump card, for David Tennant works wonders with the shabby Carlisle, making him a sly and persistent monkey on Ripley's back. Smart acting all round, but Tennant is irresistible."

And this wonderful visual image from The Age - a Melbourne paper - November 24,2005

"It's David Tennant who steals the show though as a sardonic detective lovestruck by Natalie. . . .  He's a peculiarly arresting mix of the intense, boyish and unmistakably Scottish. Like a puppy in a kilt digging for a bone."

December 18, 2012

David's series Takin' Over the Asylum, which aired on BBC Scotland in 1994 and in 1997 the series made it's Canadian debut on Showcase TV.

The Calgary Herald ran this article on March 5, 1997 written by Bob Blakely

"Showcase to air a wee Scottish gem

The high value of specialty channels like Showcase is made clear tonight with the debut of a wonderfully appealing British comedy series, Takin' Over the Asylum.

This show isn't a collection of bellylaughs, and it doesn't feature a well-known cast that could vault it into PBS or A&E prime time accompanied by massive promotion.

But the six-part series set in Scotland rapidly wins the viewer's heart with its likable characters, and blends deadpan humor with social commentary that transcends all boundaries.

One of the scene-stealers is Campbell, whose humorous use of the word loony is employed with regularity. As with some of the others, we suspect he's no less mentally competent than many people walking the streets."

December 17, 2012

When David as in San Diego in 2009 at Comic Con he was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune via phone.  In the final paragraph of the article he summed up his feelings about playing the Doctor:

"As a rule, it takes an enormous infusion of creativity and energy and enthusiasm to do it justice, which I've had, I think -- I've really enjoyed the last four years," Tennant said. "I'm quite happy to leave it still feeling that way, leave it before it starts feeling like a job. ... I have such fond memories of watching 'Doctor Who' when I was a kid and growing up, that if I've left anybody anywhere with memories as fond, then I feel like I've done my job."

I too have fond memories of watching Doctor Who in my early teens we got Tom Baker on PBS.  I was th only person in my high school walking around asking people if they wanted a jelly baby!  My parents had to drive me 20 miles to the British import store that sold them.  I came back to the Doctor when I saw Voyage of the Damned at a sci fi con in Boston = I was hooked and in my humble opinion David certainly did his job . . .  very, very well.

Dcember 16, 2012

On 28 June, Faber & Faber releases an app of the Sonnets. It follows their multi-media version of TS Eliot's "The Waste Land". That not only raised the bar for literary apps but earned back the six-figure outlay its development required. Faber has again collaborated with digital publisher Touch Press, with film elements produced by TV company Illuminations and the Arden Shakespeare edition providing text, notes and commentary. 

Compared to this sort of inbuilt interactivity, Faber's Sonnets offers more of a traditional immersion. You don't have the option to adopt the POV of the Dark Lady or the fair youth. Instead, 40 different readers – introduced by the august tones of Patrick Stewart – invite us to boldly go through the sequence of poems. You can watch them read the verse, with or without the Arden text and its famously exhaustive notes.

For Faber's digital project manager Eoin Noble, the notes matter as much as the stellar reciters: "We've given them a lot of love and attention. They really do behave in a joined-up way." Overall, the "high production values" signal Faber's intention to reach an audience which hankers for more than a throwaway app costing 99p. The Sonnets, which cost around £100,000 to develop, will sell at £9.99: "higher priced but reasonably priced," Noble suggests.

The interface lets you switch easily from video performances to the text of each sonnet. The text is accompanied by the Arden Notes, Commentary, and My Notes sections in the left sidebar. 

The videos run in the page and you can tap anywhere on them to make them play or pause. Of course they can be tapped to view in full-screen mode as well.

The Perspectives section is fascinating as well. It offers videos of the actors, theater folk, and eminent scholars – giving their thoughts on a broad range of questions about the sonnets. These include what is a sonnet, what are the sonnets about, the sonnet form, Shakespeare’s contribution to the sonnets, dating the sonnets, who are the sonnets addressed to, are the sonnets autobiographical, sex in the sonnets, the stories of the sonnets, sound of the sonnets, the sound of the original pronunciation, and Time and love as themes.

David reads Sonnets:

12  When I do Count the Clock that tells the Time

18  Shall I Compare thee to a Summer's Day
71  No Longer Mourn for me when I am Dead
126  O thou, My Lovely Boy, who in thy Power

If you don't have an iPhone it's ok you can buy the Sonnet's on DVD!

December 15, 2012

Here is David's description of The Doctor as he has always been and how he will be when he becomes him, taken from an interview published December 15, 2005 in the Western Daily Press (Bristol):

"The fantastic thing about the regeneration process is every time the Doctor goes through it, he changes to an extent. So as an actor, you get to work on a blank canvas where you don't have to worry too much about what has gone before."

So, what can we expect from his interpretation of the role? "It's interesting, because he's always going to be the moral egalitarian, humanitarian, slightly wild, slightly anarchic bloke he's always been," reveals the 34-year-old actor.

"But because he's getting older he's moving on. He's seen it all before, every alien creature with a superiority complex.

"Viewers are going to see a slightly more no-nonsense Doctor and that is influenced by what Chris did with him. We are more aware that he's someone who fought a war, lost all his people and because he's the last Time Lord, the last authority in the universe, he's less indulgent, more ruthless."

December 14, 2012

The Doctor tells us the real reason why Jesus was born in a manger:

December 13, 2012

David's insight into some of his darker characters from an interview in The Independent - December 7, 2005 - Sarah Shannon

"So, who is David Tennant? The amiably eccentric Timelord, Orton's angry young man, or does he have Block's dark, villainous side? "God, no!" he laughs. "There's no dark side of David Tennant. I'm completely pure and clean. But I think everyone understands what it feels like to be dumped." He coyly admits to past obsessions with the opposite sex. "It's always a very intoxicating and irrational thing to be that obsessed with someone. I hope I dealt with it better than Brendan Block." He felt grateful, he says, for his single status during filming. "It would have been a nightmare if I'd been breaking up with someone while playing Brendan..." He liked the role because it felt vaguely Hitchcockian, and he loves the darkness of films such as Marnie.

For someone "pure and clean", he certainly likes art and literature that examines the bleaker side of life. Occasionally, his characters' bad habits have crept into his life. Osborne's Jimmy Porter was one example. "I didn't become any more furious than normal, but I did become deeply politically incorrect. That's what Jimmy does, he pushes the boundary and then goes beyond it. I was being rude at really inappropriate moments."

December 12, 2012

File:Princess and the Goblin.jpgThe last panto that David has been in, on stage, was The Princess and the Goblin at the Dundee Rep.  The play ran from December 4, 1993 through January 8, 1994.  The original story was written in 1872 by George MacDonald and was adapted for this performance by Stuart Paterson, author of Shinda the Magic Ape.  David plays Curdie, the miner boy, who helps Princess Irene to fight the Goblins.  The costumes took their inspiration from the books Victorian illustrations, Stuart adds a dragon called Fannon to the story and ages the Princess a bit to enhance the love story between her and Curdie.  The mines and Goblins underground lair were portrayed by realistic stone scenery on a revolving stage.  The production was directed by Hugh Hodgart, who was the co-director of Shinda and also directed David in the Edinburgh production of Hay Fever in 1992.  Hugh also graduated from the RSAMD and also directed David in a school production of the The Fruits of Enlightenment.



December 11, 2012

The 1992/93 panto season at the Dundee Rep saw David playing Arthur for the second time that year.  The first time was in the play Merlin by Tankerd Dorst, translated by Ella Wildridge at the Edinburgh Royal Lyceum.

The panto was called Merlin and the Magnificent and the Adventures of Arthur written by Stuart Paterson, the author of Shinda the Magic Ape, the panto he was in the previous year.

The stage was decorated with a large circle filled with the signs of the zodiac and the scenery included the woods, a castle and a cave.

The play was directed by Sir David McVicar, knighted in 2012 for his service to opera, he graduated from the RSAMD in 1989.  Russell Hunter, who passed away in 2004, starred as Merlin, he was in the Doctor Who episode The Robots of Death with Tom Baker.

David was even mentioned by name in the review from The Herald - Mary Brennan - December 21, 1992

"...And heart-warmingly sincere acting from David Tennant as Arthur"  


December 10, 2012

Christmas in the UK means panto season!  David has performed in several pantos early in his career.  He was a member of the chorus in his University panto in 1990 - Jack in the Beanstalk.  

His first professional panto was staged at the Edinburgh Royal Lyceum from December 13, 1991 to January 4, 1992.  This marked the premiere performance of Shinda the Magic Ape written by Stuart Paterson and co-directed by Richard Baron and Hugh Hodgart.  Richard would direct David another four times including his award winning performance in Look Back in Anger.

David played Kenny the boy who frees Shinda.

Synopsis from The Herald - December 17, 1991:

"The powers of good -- as embodied in the magician, Coran -- are
waning: there simply isn't enough concern for others or simple goodness in our society to sustain them. And all Scarab the witch needs to bring the world into her realm of hopeless darkness is to turn one young heart black with greed before the approaching full moon.  Danny, the teenager she fastens on, is very much a child of our times.

Not intrinsically bad but desperate to ''make it'' in terms of those
material things which now seem to count for everything. Scarab turns him into an invincible master thief and as the moon approaches fullness, Danny's heart becomes calloused with greed. Who will save him? For that matter who will save us? His kindly, generous spirited wee brother, Kenny? Or Granny who has loved them and looked after them for most of their lives?"

"Kenny, and Granny and Kenny's friends as well, are all desperately willing to do anything to rescue Danny, they, themselves, might not be proof against an evil which thrives on that very human capacity for covetousness and unyielding self-interest.

Who, or what, then, can avert the total collapse of the world into a
wasteland of consuming greed? Shinda, the African gorilla whom Kenny, in a sudden fit of compassion, frees from the local zoo. (He plans, somehow, to get Shinda back to his native wilds!)
Only Shinda can overthrow Scarab because the coin of her control --possessing souped-up convertibles, designer shell suits, CD players, and loadsamoney -- have no relevance to him whatsoever. All Shinda wants is freedom and a chance to survive within, not at the expense of, Nature."