December 18, 2012

David's series Takin' Over the Asylum, which aired on BBC Scotland in 1994 and in 1997 the series made it's Canadian debut on Showcase TV.

The Calgary Herald ran this article on March 5, 1997 written by Bob Blakely

"Showcase to air a wee Scottish gem

The high value of specialty channels like Showcase is made clear tonight with the debut of a wonderfully appealing British comedy series, Takin' Over the Asylum.

This show isn't a collection of bellylaughs, and it doesn't feature a well-known cast that could vault it into PBS or A&E prime time accompanied by massive promotion.

But the six-part series set in Scotland rapidly wins the viewer's heart with its likable characters, and blends deadpan humor with social commentary that transcends all boundaries.

One of the scene-stealers is Campbell, whose humorous use of the word loony is employed with regularity. As with some of the others, we suspect he's no less mentally competent than many people walking the streets."