January 31, 2012

In an interview with Scotland on Sunday in 2004 David described his character in Blackpool and the show:

"Carlisle is a maverick cop in the traditional manner," smiles Tennant, who may not have done anything as big as this on the small screen before but is well aware that maverick cops are as commonplace as quirky docs. For its sheer wackiness, however, he reckons that Blackpool stands out from the crowd. "TV doesn't take enough chances these days and it's quite risky to stick something as mad as this on to prime time."

I LOVE the fact that the reporter states maverick cops are as common as quirky docs - talk about your foreshadowing!!!! The other funny thing in the interview is when David describes himself as a "fame-dodger" - sorry to say mate that didn't really work out for you!

January 30, 2012

In 2001 David appeared in the mockumentary series People Like Us as the hapless actor Rob Harker. David , however was not their first choice, here are his thoughts about playing that role.

"Was it fun having the mickey taken out of your profession?"

"He was a rather sweet actor as he had an indomitable optimism. A lot of actors have a much grimmer aspect. He kept getting battered and just stood up for more. It was great fun to do. Apparently another actor they approached for the role said no because he thought it would reflect badly on his career - but I was chuffed to bits to get it." - From The Independent 2002

John Morton was the writer and director of the series and he is also the writer and director of Twenty Twelve, the London Olympics mockumentary that David provides the narration for, the second series of which will be coming up later this year.

Also appearing in the same episode was the actor
Ewan Bailey who provided the Alien Voices in the Doctor Who episode Voyage of the Damned, he had a small part in Casanova, and appears with him in the radio play Krymov in Moscow, which was part of the BBC Radio Series Life and Fate.

Louise Delamere
appears in the episode in the final audition scene, she also starred in the 1992 production of Hay Fever with David.

You can also spot
Nina Sosanya interviewing David in the episode, she would later appear with him in the Doctor Who episode "Fear Her", BBC drama Casanova as Bellino and the RSC 2008 production of Love's Labour's Lost!

January 29, 2012

David's thoughts on Doctor Who fandom from a 2007 interview in The Sunday Star Times (Aukland):

"Well, it becomes a hobby, doesn't it?" Tennant says. "I think that's OK. I think Doctor Who fans are somewhat unfairly judged, like what they're doing is socially unacceptable. It's entirely harmless. At least they're not going out raping or murdering people. And it's a fantastic world to lose yourself in, which is probably why it has survived so long."

January 28, 2012

While David was at school he participated in the My So Potent Art Shakespeare programme at the "Teatro E Scuole Di Teatro" Festival in Polermo, Sicily. He played Oberon, King of the Fairies, in Midsummer Night's Dream and Prospero in The Tempest.

The quote My so potent art comes from Prospero's speech in Act V, Scene I of The Tempest. I think is awesome that he got to actually give the line that is the name of the festival!

Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves,
And ye that on the sands with printless foot
Do chase the ebbing Neptune and do fly him
When he comes back; you demi-puppets that
By moonshine do the green sour ringlets make,
Whereof the ewe not bites, and you whose pastime
Is to make midnight mushrooms, that rejoice
To hear the solemn curfew; by whose aid,
Weak masters though ye be, I have bedimm'd
The noontide sun, call'd forth the mutinous winds,
And 'twixt the green sea and the azured vault
Set roaring war: to the dread rattling thunder
Have I given fire and rifted Jove's stout oak
With his own bolt; the strong-based promontory
Have I made shake and by the spurs pluck'd up
The pine and cedar: graves at my command
Have waked their sleepers, oped, and let 'em forth
By my so potent art. But this rough magic
I here abjure, and, when I have required
Some heavenly music, which even now I do,
To work mine end upon their senses that
This airy charm is for, I'll break my staff,
Bury it certain fathoms in the earth,
And deeper than did ever plummet sound
I'll drown my book.

January 27, 2012

David has told the story of how he chose his stage name many times, he saw Neil Tennant's (Pet Shop Boys) name while reading Smash Hits. You might not know that when you fill out your Equity form you have to give three choices for a name in case one of them is already taken. David's second choice was David Brandon - from Kirk Brandon of Spear of Destiny, and his third choice was Chris McDonald.

The reason he could not use David McDonald was that there was an actor with the Glasgow Civic Theatre names Richard David McDonald and Equity considered the names too similar.

January 26, 2012

David had to pull out of Hamlet in London in 2008 due to a back injury. He returned triumphantly in January of 2009 to finish the run. The British Press is know for it's"punny" headlines, hear are the best of the batch from both his injury and his return:


December 10  - Doctor OOH Out of Hamlet - Daily Record
Tennant Backs Out - The Times
David sends for a Doctor - The Daily Mirror

December 11 - Tennant in a Bard way - Daily Mirror
To Play's The Thing - The Times

December 13  - To Dream, Perchance to Get a Refund - The Independent

December 14 - Alas, Poor Tennant - The Independent on Sunday


January 5
- At Last, Poor Yorick . . . Tennant Returns as Hamlet After Surgery - The Daily Telegraph
David Stages a Retun - Daily Record

January 8 - Return of the Prince Tennant Bounces Back after Slings and Arrows - The Guardian

January 9 - Return of the Rightful Prince - Financial Times

January 25,2012

David appeared in the premiere episode of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) called Drop Dead. It aired on March 18, 2000. This is what he had to say about the filming while speaking to The Birmingham Post.

"I've always been a fan of Vic & Bob and Randall & Hopkirk was great fun to do. It only took about six days to shoot my bit of it. It was like being in an episode of Scooby-Doo, like running around in the playground again."

Also appearing in that same episode were:

Emilia Fox
- worked with David on three voice projects, the animated film
Free Jimmy, the BBC Radio play of Much Ado About Nothing and she is the second narrator on the audio book the Merlin Conspiracy.

Jessica Hynes - appears in Doctor Who with David twice, as Joan Redfern in the episodes of
Human Nature and The Family of Blood and then again as Joan's great-granddaughter Verity Newman in The End of Time. She also co-starred with David in the BBC comedy/drama Learners.

Mark Gatiss - has worked with David many times including the radio play
The Wooden Overcoat, which was adapted by Mark, they shared the big screen together in Bright Young Things on 2003. Then again in 2003 in the Big Finish audio Sympathy For The Devil and they were in the Doctor Who episode The Lazarus Experiment together. He also does the voice of one of the Scottish hunters in Free Jimmy with David and if that wasn't enough Mark also wrote the Doctor Who episode Idiot's Lantern!! They were also co-stars in the live TV presentation of The Quatermass Experiment in 2005. David also did a guest spot in Mark's Nebulous Radio series.

Steve Pemberton - appears in the series
Blackpool, appears in the Doctor Who episodes Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead as Strackman Lux and he provides one of the voices in Free Jimmy.

January 24, 2012

In 2005 in the run up to David's first appearance as The Doctor many, many news articles appeared about him and every aspect of the show! Here are some great excerpts from a BBC News article about his costume:

"just-got-out-of-bed, dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards, only-thing-I-could-find look"

"The look is Franz Ferdinand cum Kaiser Chiefs"

Makr Hooper from Esquire Magazine said - "[The outfit] looks really good. Someone said to me it looks a bit Jarvis Cocker, kind of geeky but cool. It is a much younger look, like he's in an indie band. The pinstripe suit is quite tight-fitting, quite timely. It's a bit of an absent-minded professor look, but trendy with it. It's slightly eccentric."

Jackie Storer and Megan Lane
BBC News

January 23, 2012

During the Christmas season of 2009, due to the fact that they were  promoting his departure from Doctor Who, David appeared on the box many,many times.  Quite a few newspapers felt it was their duty to point this out to the point of overkill! One paper even went so far as to point out that not only was he on many programmes he was even seen shoveling snow between shows! Below is my favourite of those articles.

The Shropshire Star printed this tongue in cheek article about the situation:
"BBC executives today apologised after a mistake meant there was no mention of the actor David Tennant on radio and television for at least an hour.

The corporation said the error, which saw the actor not mentioned at all on any of its radio and television stations, took place between 3 and 4am.

A spokesman said the corporation had gone out of its way to make sure the actor either appeared or was mentioned on every one of its Christmas programmes, but a simple mistake had led to the Tennant blackout, which also affected the forthcoming Dr Who New Year special.

“We can only apologise,” the spokesman added. “We’ve had him on everything from Desert Island Discs to Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and he even stood in hosting Jonathan Ross’s Radio 2 show on Boxing Day. But for one hour last night I’m afraid we simply didn’t mention him or Doctor Who." - Andrew Owen

January 22, 2012

One of David's earliest performances on stage was with a local church group in a show called Wanted, One Body. Somewhat raunchy- sounding for a Church of Scotland production, but it's a murder mystery written by Charles Dyer.

The Plot:
Old Mr Barraclough is dead leaving a vast fortune to be split between his stepdaughters and his staff, however his body has been stolen, then both step daughters die iin mysterious circumstances. Everyone has a reason for wanting them dead due to the sisters habit of bribery and blackmail, but who did it? The aggressive chauffeur? The victimised secretary? The dippy maid? The insane undertaker? Or the deaf and blind Doctor? Its a ripping good yarn full of sliding panels and trap doors with half the cast immersed in the thriller and the other half running riot. 

January 21, 2012

David has never worked with Louise Jameson, who played Leela, the fourth Doctor's companion after Sarah Jane, but he did get a chance to meet her. It was very early in his career on stage in Scotland,  Louise relate the story herself!

January 20, 2012

The British Shakespeare Association was formed in 2003 and had their inaugural conference at DeMontfort University in Leicester.

There were four areas of discussion, working with performers and directors, the community, with schools and with academics.

There are associations in countries including Japan, Brazil, Georgia, China and France and Germany was the first to honour the Bard with an association formed in 1864. Prior to 2003 Britain, only had the Birthplace Trust.  Deborah Cartmell, an academic at De Montfort University, was quoted in The Independent  "Why there hasn't been a Shakespeare association is a mystery." 

Judi Dench was named as Patron and seminars during that first conference were given by Sam West, Miles Gregory, founder of the Bristish Touring Shakespeare Company and Director of the British Shakespeare Festival from 2004-2008, David Tennant, Will Houston and Greg Doran 

January 19, 2012

In October of 2006 David's name was attached to a project called  Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.  The film was to star David and Emily Blunt and start shooting in May of 2007.  The script was being developed by Donald Rice and Mary Henely-Magill, who did end up writing the screenplay.  Donald Rice also ended up directing the film which was just finished filming, finally!  Donald Rice was also the director of the short Traffic Warden, starring David.  Emily Blunt did not end up in the film either, but Fenella Woolgar, who appears in the Doctor Who episode The Unicorn and the Wasp, did.

January 18, 2012

Teddington distillery workers got a special performance from Touchstone to celebrate Allied Domecq's renewed sponsorship of the RSC. Allied's brands include Beefeater, Teacher's, Tia Maria, and Baskin-Robbins. As part of the sponsorship deal they offered 30,000 half price tickets for anyone under 30!
The 2.2 million pound deal in November  1996, at the time it was the largest single arts sponsorship deal in the UK, it allowed the company to associate it's name and brand with the RSC until March 1999.

Photo by Stewart Goldstein from The Guardian December 3, 1996

(I cleaned up the pic as best I could!)

January 17, 2012

Americans bought the film rights to Takin' Over the Asylum. But David didn't have any hope of being in it as they decided to rewrite and recast it.

"They were going to cast Jim Carrey and then Nicolas Cage in the Ken Stott role. Then they turned Campbell into a black kid from the ghetto, which clearly ruled me out!"

January 16, 2011

When David was in Venice filming Casanova  the Touchstone Casanova was also filming  at the same time.  Here is an excerpt from The Sunday Times March 6, 2005:

"While filming in Venice, the unit called themselves Little Casanova, because the megamillion Hollywood version, starring Heath Ledger, was also in town and sharing their production facilities. When the city flooded, Big Casanova bided its time; Tennant’s gang strapped plastic round their trousers and got on with it. "

My favorite quote from the article though -"he may be a hot name right now" - HA!

January 15, 2012

LA Without a Map, was based on the novel of the same name by the former Bradford author, Richard Rayner.  David's character is loosley based on Raynor and originally they were going to have David play him with a Yorkshire accent but decided to let him do it in his native Scots because as the director Mika Kaurismäki stated, "The Scots accent is quite 'in' at the moment." 

January 14, 2012

Todays "FACT" is a lesson in don't always believe everything you read!  LOL

New Doctor Who David Tennant wants to be the first Time Lord to wear the kilt.

The Paisley-born actor, 33, said it was time the character had a new dress code.
Tennant, who wore full Highland dress to the TV Bafta awards, was forced to hide his Scots accent to play the legendary lover Casanova in the recent hit BBC series.

But he has said the 10th Doctor will definitely be Scots.
Last night, he said: 'I would love to be the first Time Lord to wear a kilt.
'And I intend to speak with a full Scottish lilt when I make it into the Tardis.'

David, the son of a Church of Scotland minister, will replace Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor for the show's Christmas special and follow-up series next year.

The kilt promises to become as well-known as former Doctor Who Tom Baker's multi-coloured scarf.
David said: 'Taking over from Chris is a daunting prospect. He has done a fantastic job and is a very tough act 

to follow.'

David is to start filming in Cardiff in July.

10/05/2005 - Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

January 13, 2012

 David had the "pleasure" of being on stage on Friday the 13th !  September 13,1996 in The Herbal Bed in Stratford. TOP in the ad stands for The Other Place - the now defunct theatre at the RSC where the production was staged.

January 12, 2012

David was in rehearsals for The Quatermass Experiment when he was told that he  had the role of the tenth Doctor.  The 2005 BBC Four production went out live to the nation on April 2, 2005, fourteen days before the official BBC press release confirming that fact.  Jason Flemyng, who played Prof. Quatermass,  was supposed to say "Good to have  you back Gordan" to David Tennant's character, Dr. Gordan  Briscoe.  However, during transmission he delivered the line as "Good to have you back Doctor" as a nod to his upcoming appearance in Doctor Who. 

That makes Jason the first person to call David Doctor on air!

January 11, 2012

The last Big Finish audio that David recorded was The Adventures of Luther Arkwright written by Bryon Talbot. In Luther Awkright, he’s also playing a time traveller alongside a companion called Rose.  Mark Wright adapted the graphic novel for Big Finish, below is a quote from him in an interview with Alex Fitch.

"One thing I'm proud of is that we had David Tennant screaming “Rose!” before Russell T. Davies did!"

January 10, 2012

We have had past Doctors and past companions but David has also worked with a couple of actors who have portrayed the Doctor's enemies too.

Derek Jacobi who portrayed The Master in Utopia with David had previously worked with him in 1998 in the BBC Radio 4 play
Hemlock and After.

Terry Molloy, who portrayed Davros from 1984-1988, was in the 2000 BBC Radio 3's production of
The Sea by Edward Bond.

January 9, 2012

Not only has David worked with past Doctors he has also worked with a few past companions as well, in addition to getting to work with Elisabeth Sladen when he was The Doctor!

Sophie Aldred - (Ace, 7th Doctor Companion) 2001 in the Big Finish audio 'Colditz' and soon they will be heard together in the CBBC show Tree Fu Tom .

Nicola Bryant - (Peri, 5th Doctor Companion) 2005 she directed him in the Big Finish audio The Wasting.

January 8,2012

Doctor Who has always been near and dear to David's heart, over the years he has had the opportunity to work with several previous Doctors.

Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor) - 1996 movie "Jude"

Peter Davison (5th Doctor) - 2000 Mrs. Bradley Mysteries episode "Death at the Opera" and again in 2007 for Children in Need in "Time Crash"

Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor) - 2001 Big Finish audio story "Colditz

Colin Baker (6th Doctor) - 2004 Big Finish audio story "Medicinal Purposes"

January 7,2012

David has tread the boards at each of the stages at The National Theatre and at the Royal Shakespeare Company!

The National:

The Lyttelton - 1995 What the Butler Saw

The Cottlesloe - 2001 staged reading of Medea, 2003 The National Theatre Quiz and 2003/4 Pillowman
The Olivier - 2000 The National Theatre Quiz (OK so no so much tread as sat! LOL)

The RSC:

Royal Shakespeare Theatre - (prior to renovation) - 1996 As You Like It, 2000 Comedy of Errors and Romeo and Juliet

The Other Place (no longer) - 1996 Herbal Bed, 1998 For One Night Only - Stratford Fringe, 2000 - Laughter in the Dark - Stratford Fringe
The Courtyard Theatre - (no longer) - 2008 Love Labours Lost and Hamlet
The Swan - 1996 General From America, 2000 The Rivals

January 6, 2012

The Book at Bedtime for the last week of January 2004 was Stargazing: Memoirs of a Lighthouse Keeper, which was narrated by David. The author Laurence Wareing adapted Peter Hill's book for the radio, he was kind enough to pass this note on about the recording: "I do remember Gaynor(producer) saying to me that she was excited to have got him for the recording, adding that “he can do anything”."

Another cool thing about this reading is the description of Friday's reading: Posted to the remote Hyskeir light in the Hebrides where he faces a Doctor Who fanatic and an invasion of birds.

January 5, 2012

Quote from Tommy Cocket, author of The Ghost of Benji O'Neil:

"David Tennant was spotted by both Wildcat Theatre Co and 7:84 Theatre Co during the run and signed by 7:84 for productions as soon as his student days at RSAMD were over. It would be fair to say that he inspired the young people involved in The Ghost of Benjy O'Neil in his attitude to hard work, his personality and patience and his friendly nature as well as his obvious talent, even at the age of 19/20."

January 4, 2012

Before David Tennant was the tenth Doctor he was involved in the recording of several Big Finish Audio stories. In the fall of 2003 Nick Briggs, better know as the voice of The Daleks, was getting ready for the third installment of his Dalek Empire Series. He ran into David at Mark Gatiss' birthday party and David asked if there was a part for him. You can click here and listen to Nick tell this very funny story. In the excerpt you can here David say he was just finishing a play at the National and they had asked him to do another one, but that he rather be involved in the Doctor Who project! If you want to know more about David's appearance as Galanar click here.

The play he is talking about is Pillowman, and I speculate the play he turned down was Measure for Measure. (IMHO)

January 3, 2012

Well Today I thought I'd correct the Daily Mail! David Tennant has performed at the Globe TWICE- The Fleer AND Edward III! Click here to read more.

January 2, 2012

The first ever Doctor Who Confidential was called New Dimensions and it was narrated by David Tennant - a whole season before he became the 10th Doctor, which many of you might know, however did you know that during the hour long look back at the Doctor Who series and a look ahead to Doc 9, David only spoke for 5 minutes! - Click here to listen!

January 1, 2012

Richard Baron was the assistant director on the play Merlin, he also directed David four more times in Shinda the Magic Ape, A Long Day's Journey into Night, The Glass Menagerie and Look Back in Anger.