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March 23, 2012 (posted 01/02/2013)

I have written several posts about headlines associated with David and especially David and Doctor Who and I am sure it will be no surprise that What's Up Doc? appeared numerous times in different papers.

In 2005 it was used in Wales on Sunday, The Sun and The News of the World.

In 2006 The Sun used it again and also The Bournemouth Echo.

In 2007 The Sun used it twice and also The People and The Daily Mirror, to be fair to the Mirror the phrase was the opening line of the article and not the headline.

In 2009 it was a headline in The Coventry Telegraph and The Daily Record.

Cartoon from tumblr account Masterofthepossible

March 22, 2012 (posted 01/02/2013)

This is a great quote from David about appearing in Harry Potter:

"Getting the call to be in The Goblet of Fire was like being welcomed into the most exclusive upper circle of some elite actor's club.  You sit on the set with the cream of the National Theatre and the RSC, all clutching wands or wearing witches hats"

At The National Movie Awards celebrating the films David had this to say about the Britishness of the films:

Daniel Radcliffe commented on one of David's comments - "David Tennant's comment about being asked to be in Harry Potter was like getting the call to be in the England team was genius."

March 21, 2012 (posted 01/02/2013)

One of David's favourite bands, the Kaiser Chiefs, got a chance to do and interview with him in the NME 2006 yearbook.  NME, which stands for New Music Express, is the leading British music magazine and has been around since the 60's.

The interview took place in September 2006 while the band was in the recording studio. He was asked if he based his look on them, which he said he did and the band were asked if they were fans of the show and David was asked if he was a fan of the band - yes and yes!

Both the band and David were asked where in music history would they take the TARDIS and a discussion of the Beatles turned into a discussion of Murder She Wrote??! In the end David decided he'd like to go back and stop Lennon from being shot.

March 20, 2012 (posted 01/02/2013)

Here are some more headlines from The Sun:

Blackpool: All the Fun of the Affair and A Right Song and Dance

Casanova - Don't Look Now, Dad and Beeb Goes Ova-bawd (ED: groan)

Concerning Casanova becoming the new Doctor: Who's a Lucky Lover and Doctor Woo

First pictures of David as The Doctor: It's Doctor You Know Who

Dr Who is Xmas Cracker and Christmas time-lord

About the kiss in New New Earth - Now He's the Love Doctor

Tooth and Claw - Dr McWho

Getting his action figure - Who-lo Dolly (ED: ARRRG)

Sarah Jane returns - It's Deja Vu for Dr Who

Speculation over his paycheck for the show - Loot Tennant (ED: Is it me or are they getting worse)

Kylie Kissed Who? and Tate the Plunge

David Toonant - About his voice appearing in Free Jimmy

Denmark not Primark - accompanied a picture of David in his Hamlet parka

A Sonic Screwdriver Won't Fix that, Doctor - with photo of wreck double decker bus

Doctor PHEW! - Davina's kiss

Who's That at Our Wedding? - filming Sarah Jane Adventures

March 19, 2012 (posted 01/01/2013)

The Daily Mail doesn't have a monopoly on punny headlines, The Sun has their share as well.  Not only did David make news in 2006 with a speeding fine - eh ok 2 fines, he made news again in 2009 for forgetting to renew his tax disc!  Give the guy a break he's busy!


"DOCTOR Who star David Tennant will need to travel back in time to make this tax disc legal - it ran out on New Year's Eve.

The wacky star, 37 - in a snazzy velvet bronze jacket and lurid green shirt - seemed oblivious to his misdemeanour as he drove away from a Radio Times party in London's West End. Let's hope the time traveller, left, gets to the Tardis before the DVLA catches up with him. Unless he gets a disc soon, Scottish actor David , who stands down as Doctor Who next year, could face a £1,000 fine."  - January 22, 2009 - Antonella Lazzeri


March 18, 2012 (posted 01/01/2013)

Here's a one more great headline from The Sunday Mirror and the story from November 5, 2006. (Ben Todd)

DR. WHO OSH - EXCLUSIVE Time Lord David coughs: I was nicked TWICE for speeding in one night.. in my Skoda

"Time Lord David Tennant wished he could go back in time after being caught speeding twice in one night... in his Skoda.  The Scots Dr Who star says he was flashed twice driving on the M4 back to London after filming an episode of the show in Cardiff.

"It was in the middle of the night and the roads were deserted," . "But I got caught speeding and fined twice the same night. It's one of the downsides of filming in Wales."

March 16, 2012 (posted 01/01/2013)

On November 8, 1995 David appeared in an episode of the long running ITV cop drama The Bill.  The episode #128 from series eleven is called 'Deadline'.  This was a special one hour episode, normally The Bill as 30 minutes.

David plays Stephen Clemens, an evil kidnapper, also appearing in the episode is an actress called Honeysuckle Weeks, she is also in the episode of Foyles War that David did.

Here's what The Daily Mail had to say on November 4, 1995 :

Bill thriller beats the clock

"When two of The Bill's toughest cops join forces to catch a vicious criminal, you can be sure of a nail-biting episode.

In next week's hour-long special, it's a race against time to catch Steve Clemens ( David Tennant ), a man suspected of abducting a 15-year-old schoolgirl.

For Shaun Scott who plays DI Deakin and Kerry Peers who plays DI Croft, it was one of the most demanding episodes of their career. Deakin and Croft team up after a young girl leaves a terrified message on her parents' answerphone.

When they discover the girl is locked in an airtight van, it becomes a race against time to find her before her oxygen runs out. Kerry reckons the storyline required maximum concentration. "Croft says very little throughout and that makes it tougher. I had to get everything she thought and felt into her expression," says Kerry.

Shaun also says the episode was fascinating to play. "It's tremendous to get a storyline like this where you're in almost every scene," he says. "Everybody likes being the centre of attention now and again."

March 15, 2012 (posted 01/01/2013)

This great headline appeared in The Daily Record on August 6, 1997:


This article, written by Rick Fulton, was about the new breed of Celtic hunk. It featured eight actors, Joe McFadden, Richard Mylan, Ian Gregg, James Westaway, Paul Hickey, Cal Macaninch, Tim Vincent and DT.


Credits: TV: Rab C. Nesbitt, Takin' Over The Asylum, Strathblair.

Next up: TV: Duck Patrol.

David is a cop in new series Duck Patrol, with Richard Wilson. He says: "My character is in love with Samantha Beckinsale's, but she isn't in love with him."