March 19, 2012 (posted 01/01/2013)

The Daily Mail doesn't have a monopoly on punny headlines, The Sun has their share as well.  Not only did David make news in 2006 with a speeding fine - eh ok 2 fines, he made news again in 2009 for forgetting to renew his tax disc!  Give the guy a break he's busy!


"DOCTOR Who star David Tennant will need to travel back in time to make this tax disc legal - it ran out on New Year's Eve.

The wacky star, 37 - in a snazzy velvet bronze jacket and lurid green shirt - seemed oblivious to his misdemeanour as he drove away from a Radio Times party in London's West End. Let's hope the time traveller, left, gets to the Tardis before the DVLA catches up with him. Unless he gets a disc soon, Scottish actor David , who stands down as Doctor Who next year, could face a £1,000 fine."  - January 22, 2009 - Antonella Lazzeri