I want to thank everyone who read and tweeted and clicked favourite on all these posts the whole of last year.  When I started this I wasn't convinced that I would find enough cool and new things to post but I even found out some things I didn't know!

I hope you will all continue to support this years new venture the David Tennant Audio clip of the day and as always my webpages DavidTennantTheatre.com and DavidTennantAudio.com - which I promise I will be adding to more often and cleaning up a bit as Fact of the Day took more of my time then I thought!

Also 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of David's first paid professional appearance and his applying for his Equity card so I hope to be doing a few cool things to celebrate throughout the year.

Stay Tuned and THANKS THANKS THANKS I appreciate you all so much!