March 16, 2012 (posted 01/01/2013)

On November 8, 1995 David appeared in an episode of the long running ITV cop drama The Bill.  The episode #128 from series eleven is called 'Deadline'.  This was a special one hour episode, normally The Bill as 30 minutes.

David plays Stephen Clemens, an evil kidnapper, also appearing in the episode is an actress called Honeysuckle Weeks, she is also in the episode of Foyles War that David did.

Here's what The Daily Mail had to say on November 4, 1995 :

Bill thriller beats the clock

"When two of The Bill's toughest cops join forces to catch a vicious criminal, you can be sure of a nail-biting episode.

In next week's hour-long special, it's a race against time to catch Steve Clemens ( David Tennant ), a man suspected of abducting a 15-year-old schoolgirl.

For Shaun Scott who plays DI Deakin and Kerry Peers who plays DI Croft, it was one of the most demanding episodes of their career. Deakin and Croft team up after a young girl leaves a terrified message on her parents' answerphone.

When they discover the girl is locked in an airtight van, it becomes a race against time to find her before her oxygen runs out. Kerry reckons the storyline required maximum concentration. "Croft says very little throughout and that makes it tougher. I had to get everything she thought and felt into her expression," says Kerry.

Shaun also says the episode was fascinating to play. "It's tremendous to get a storyline like this where you're in almost every scene," he says. "Everybody likes being the centre of attention now and again."