March 20, 2012 (posted 01/02/2013)

Here are some more headlines from The Sun:

Blackpool: All the Fun of the Affair and A Right Song and Dance

Casanova - Don't Look Now, Dad and Beeb Goes Ova-bawd (ED: groan)

Concerning Casanova becoming the new Doctor: Who's a Lucky Lover and Doctor Woo

First pictures of David as The Doctor: It's Doctor You Know Who

Dr Who is Xmas Cracker and Christmas time-lord

About the kiss in New New Earth - Now He's the Love Doctor

Tooth and Claw - Dr McWho

Getting his action figure - Who-lo Dolly (ED: ARRRG)

Sarah Jane returns - It's Deja Vu for Dr Who

Speculation over his paycheck for the show - Loot Tennant (ED: Is it me or are they getting worse)

Kylie Kissed Who? and Tate the Plunge

David Toonant - About his voice appearing in Free Jimmy

Denmark not Primark - accompanied a picture of David in his Hamlet parka

A Sonic Screwdriver Won't Fix that, Doctor - with photo of wreck double decker bus

Doctor PHEW! - Davina's kiss

Who's That at Our Wedding? - filming Sarah Jane Adventures