January 14, 2012

Todays "FACT" is a lesson in don't always believe everything you read!  LOL

New Doctor Who David Tennant wants to be the first Time Lord to wear the kilt.

The Paisley-born actor, 33, said it was time the character had a new dress code.
Tennant, who wore full Highland dress to the TV Bafta awards, was forced to hide his Scots accent to play the legendary lover Casanova in the recent hit BBC series.

But he has said the 10th Doctor will definitely be Scots.
Last night, he said: 'I would love to be the first Time Lord to wear a kilt.
'And I intend to speak with a full Scottish lilt when I make it into the Tardis.'

David, the son of a Church of Scotland minister, will replace Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor for the show's Christmas special and follow-up series next year.

The kilt promises to become as well-known as former Doctor Who Tom Baker's multi-coloured scarf.
David said: 'Taking over from Chris is a daunting prospect. He has done a fantastic job and is a very tough act 

to follow.'

David is to start filming in Cardiff in July.

10/05/2005 - Scottish Daily Record & Sunday