January 31, 2012

In an interview with Scotland on Sunday in 2004 David described his character in Blackpool and the show:

"Carlisle is a maverick cop in the traditional manner," smiles Tennant, who may not have done anything as big as this on the small screen before but is well aware that maverick cops are as commonplace as quirky docs. For its sheer wackiness, however, he reckons that Blackpool stands out from the crowd. "TV doesn't take enough chances these days and it's quite risky to stick something as mad as this on to prime time."

I LOVE the fact that the reporter states maverick cops are as common as quirky docs - talk about your foreshadowing!!!! The other funny thing in the interview is when David describes himself as a "fame-dodger" - sorry to say mate that didn't really work out for you!