January 26, 2012

David had to pull out of Hamlet in London in 2008 due to a back injury. He returned triumphantly in January of 2009 to finish the run. The British Press is know for it's"punny" headlines, hear are the best of the batch from both his injury and his return:


December 10  - Doctor OOH Out of Hamlet - Daily Record
Tennant Backs Out - The Times
David sends for a Doctor - The Daily Mirror

December 11 - Tennant in a Bard way - Daily Mirror
To Play's The Thing - The Times

December 13  - To Dream, Perchance to Get a Refund - The Independent

December 14 - Alas, Poor Tennant - The Independent on Sunday


January 5
- At Last, Poor Yorick . . . Tennant Returns as Hamlet After Surgery - The Daily Telegraph
David Stages a Retun - Daily Record

January 8 - Return of the Prince Tennant Bounces Back after Slings and Arrows - The Guardian

January 9 - Return of the Rightful Prince - Financial Times