December 4, 2012

Yesterday was all about seeing David - here are some gifts you can buy if you want to give David a listen!

David as an animated figure:

Free Jimmy (Region 2) - David voices a Scottish hunter looking to put an elephant's head on the wall!

Doctor Who - The Infinate Quest and Dreamland (all regions) - The Doctor and Martha search for Baltazar and the Doctor arrives in Area 51.

How to Train Your Dragon (all regions) - David has a cameo voice appearance as Spitelout. (only 5 lines)

The Itch of the Golden Nit (Region 2) - another cameo, one line as the newsreader on the radio and he has another cameo as  Stretchy McStretch.

Tree Fu Tom - David voices the character of Twigs on this CBBC series (Region 2) - So far there have been seven episodes released on DVD:MAY THE BEST BERRY WIN, SQUIZZLE QUEST, ZIGZOO THE ZERO, SO LONG GREENHORNS, HIDE & SQUEAK, WISHFUL THINKING, and ZIGZOO'S ROBOT.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Region 1)/ The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists (Region 2) - David is the voice of Charles Darwin.

David acting on CD and reading you a story - this is a long list - click this link!