December 19, 2012

A quick quote about David in Blackpool from The Sydney Morning Herald - November 28, 2005

"Ripley has the police chief in his pocket, but he can't shake off the suspicions of Detective Inspector Peter Carlisle. Here is Blackpool's trump card, for David Tennant works wonders with the shabby Carlisle, making him a sly and persistent monkey on Ripley's back. Smart acting all round, but Tennant is irresistible."

And this wonderful visual image from The Age - a Melbourne paper - November 24,2005

"It's David Tennant who steals the show though as a sardonic detective lovestruck by Natalie. . . .  He's a peculiarly arresting mix of the intense, boyish and unmistakably Scottish. Like a puppy in a kilt digging for a bone."