April 8, 2012

As it is Easter today I thought I'd give you a quote about church from a interview with Aidan Smith in Scotland on Sunday - November 7, 2004:

Tennant (talking about his father Rt. Rev. Dr. Sandy McDonald) reckons there must be a bit of the actor in every man of the cloth. "I remember as a boy watching him preach from the pulpit and thinking: 'That's not Dad.' His passion scared me."

So who is God to him? "I don't think, just because I'm the minister's son, that I must believe. My parents allowed me to come to my own conclusions. Let's face it, organised religion, especially in Scotland, leaves a lot to be desired and the Church of Scotland in particular has a lot to answer for. But I think I have a humanist outlook because of them - Christian in the right way." So how often does ho attend church? "Jings, they'll be reading this. Well, I have been very busy... "

Plus you get another Jings!  for good measure!