April 21, 2012

A few days ago I posted a fact about what David and his appearance to date on the cover of the Radio Times.  That prompted me to go through my research and see just how many other magazine covers he has been on.  Click here for slide show!

Doctor Who Magazine:

2005 - Twice - Once alone and once with Billie Piper
2006 - Eight - Twice alone - Five times with Billie, Once with Freema Agyeman
2007 - Eight - Once alone - Three times with Freema, Twice with Catherine Tate Once with Peter Davison and Once with John Barrowman and Freema
2008 - Ten - Once alone, Once with a Dalek on the Bad Wolf cover, Once with Kylie Minogue, Once with Peter Davison, Once with Freema, Once with Georgia Moffet as the lower right inset, Twice with Catherine, and he appears on two of the four covers that were issued for DWM 398, one was him with Catherine, Bernard Cribbens and Jaqueline King and the other was him with Billie, Camille Coduri, and Noel Clarke.
2009 - Eight  - Three times alone, including the multiple issue 413 celebrating the top 200 episodes, David had one of the three covers were, Tom Baker Peter Davison, Christopher Eccleston.  The other 2009 covers were David with David Morrisey, Dervla Kirwan, Michelle Ryan, Elisabeth Sladen and Lindsay Duncan.
2010 - One cover with John Simm and Bernard Cribbens.
2011 - He is the small inset picture on the lower left side on issue 432.

He also appears on the covers of Doctor Who Specials, number 14 with Billie, number 17 with Freema and John B, number 20 with Catherine and Billie, number 22 with William Hartnell, number 24 with Billie, Freema, Catherine and Christopher E, number 25 with John Simm and Bernard Cribbens, and number 28 with Elisabeth Sladen and Matt Smith.