April 25, 2012

Starburst Magazine was first published in the UK in 1978 and calls itself the world's longest running Sci-Fi magazine.  It was published monthly until issue #365 in August of 2008 and then resumed with issue #374 in February of 2012.  Slideshow of covers here!

David has graced the cover a total of 16 times including five Doctor Who Special issues.  The first time he appeared was in August 2005, on the bottom left hand corner of the cover, the photo they used was actually from Blackpool.  The following month he had the September cover all to himself, the picture was from Casanova with the caption Doctor Who - World Exclusive!

In January of 2006 he finally appeared on the cover in a photo of him as The Doctor with Billie Piper, the TARDIS and a Robo-Santa.  The first Doctor Who Special (#73) with David on the cover was published at the start of 2006 and Billie and David were back on the cover of the May 2006 issue.  The next 2006 Doctor  Who Special (#75) came out in the spring as well with David, Billie, Elisabeth Sladen, a Cyberman and a Clockworkman on the cover.  David and Billie shared the July 2006 cover with Superman!!!!  The Doctor Who Special (#76) was issued in the summer but there was only a very small inset photo on David and Freema Agyeman on the cover, the main picture was of two Cybermen and a Dalek. 

David was back for a solo cover in January 2007 and also with Freema on the Doctor Who Special (#79) at the same time. They also had the Aprill 2007 cover and again in June.  The June 2007 issue was #350 and the 30th birthday for Starburst and the issued 4 seperate covers one with David and Freema, one with Mark Hamill and Darth Vader one with Jamie Bamber and a Cylon and the film poster for 28 Weeks Later.  At the same time Doctor Who Special #81 came out with David and Freema and then at the end of the summer David and John Simm appeared on the cover of the Doctor Who Special #82.  

Freema was in the front center of the March 2008 cover with John Barrowman and David behind her on either side and the following month David and Catherine Tate were on the April cover.