April 22, 2012

To continue my covers theme for the week . . .

SFX Magazine is a monthly British publication started in 1995 covering Science Fiction and Fantasy.  If you are a subscriber you get the magazine sent to you with a clean cover photo, all of the writing except SFX has been removed, which makes for awesome photos.  I have included both covers to show the difference, believe me the scans don't do them justice, IMHO, they are some of the best collectable shots of David as The Doctor!

David's cover appearances on SFX started in November 2005 with him and Billie Piper, then again with Billie on the January 2006 and April 2006.  In 2007 he was on the cover with Catherine Tate in January and with Freema Agyeman in April.  Catherine and David made another cover appearance in April 2008 and then finally he got a solo cover in December 08, SFX 176 featured ten difference covers, one for each Doctor with the caption Who's Best.  2009 saw David once again on the April and December covers April with Michelle Ryan and December all on his own.

SX also publish regular special issues called SFX Collections and David has also featured on some of those the first being in 2006 - SFX Special #24: Doctor Who - Your Ultimate Unofficial Guide to All Ten Doctors David was in the foreground with portraits of William Hartnell, Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston in the background.  SFX Special #33: Doctor Who - Your 2008 SFX Unofficial Guide to the Whoniverse featuring David and Freema with a Cyberman.  In 2009 he was on the Collections cover called 21st Century SciFi.

Here's the slideshow!