April 19, 2012

This is one of my favourite comments from David's Dad about his acting and the fact that he is a minister:

 'I'm very proud of him, he's been very successful and he's a fantastic actor. I will watch Casanova, I watch everything he's in. If there are bits in Casanova I want to shut my eyes at, I'll shut my eyes. I can always switch it off.

'I've closed my eyes at some of the things David has done in the past and I'll do it again.'  'He has done raunchy things, but that happens in real life and as an actor his job is to portray life. For me to start saying what he should and shouldn't do wouldn't work.' He added: ' I wouldn't expect David to turn down a part because it's a hideous character, when it's a good part for him.'

Daily Mail  - November 12, 2004 CHRISTINA STOKES