April 16, 2012

David's likeness appearing in Jonathan Ross's comic has been in the news this past week but he has appeared in several comics as Doctor Who.

IDW - an American Comic Book company and they produced the first ever story created specifically for the American market.  Doctor Who (2008) issues 1-6 (Jan - Jun) were supposed to have been separate stories each month but ended up being one story as a mini-series and the series was also re-marketed as a graphic novel called Agent Provocateur.  The cover of the novel was the same cover as issue one and the story was written by Doctor Who story editor Gary Russell.  These comics were not available in the UK.

The next 6 issues from August 2008- January 2009 were called Doctor Who: The Forgotten and featured all ten Doctors.

 The next issues were one shots stand alone stories.  The Whispering Gallery in February 2009, The Time Machination in May 2009 which featured the  tenth, fourth and sixth Doctor.  The June 2009 issue was called Autopia, July 2009 Room with a Deja View, August 2009 Cold Blooded War!, and September 2009 Black Death White Life.  Many of these titles had multiple covers and some even featured a photo of David on the cover.

There was a two part story in July and August 2009 called Silver Scream, a four part story called The Fugitive from September - December 2009, two parter called Tesseract January - February 2010 and two more four parters, Don't Step on the Grass - March - June 2010 and Final Sacrifice - July - October 2010.  

IDW were the last place to create original stories featuring the Tenth Doctor. 

His likeness appeared in the Doctor Who Magazine comics each month  from issue 365 - 416.  Doctor Who Adventures Magazine which was created for the tenth Doctor's younger fans had a comic featuring David from issue 1 - 159.

Issued from September 2006 Doctor Who: Battles in Time Magazine, issued in conjunction with the trading cards of the same name, also featured a strip each issue.   The Doctor Who Annuals from 2007 - 2010 also featured 2 comic strips each.  The Doctor Who Storybooks 2007 -  2010  all contained illustrated stories and one comic strip each.