April 15, 2012

It was six years ago today that David's first regular season Doctor Who episode aired.  New Earth was seen by 8.6 million people that night April 15, 2006.
It was the first episode of the revived series to be set on an alien planet.  All of Christopher Eccleston's episode's were set either on Earth as was Christmas Invasion, or on space stations or spaceships in orbit around Earth.  It is also the first time we see The Doctor use his psychic paper.

The press screening for the episode was held at The Millenium Centre in Cardiff which was also used to film the hospital scenes.  The spot where The Doctor points out he'd put a little shop is where the Centre's real Portmerion shop is located.

Adjoa Andoh who plays Sister Jatt, one of the cat nun's, in this episode, appears in season three several times as Martha's mother Francine Jones.

The giant "BAD WOLF" graffiti written on a paved public area of Rose's estate (seen in Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways) is still visible, though faded, at the start of the episode.