April 13, 2012

Some actors find it hard to watch themselves on TV  and others are freaked out by seeing their face 20 feet tall in the cinema but of these things are planned activities.  Imagine riding around your town and suddenly seeing your face 20 feet tall, on a billboard!

 Sitting on the bus the other day, actor David Tennant got a fright. Looming above him as he gazed out of the window was a billboard with a giant photograph of himself.

He was draped by two women and looking smoulderingly at the bus passengers as if he'd love to rip their knickers off.

There's one of these posters as you come out of Bristol on the Wells Road, and they're popping up all over the place - . . . "It was 20 feet high!" David gasps, recalling his first sight of himself as the young 18th-century lothario.   "It scared the s*** out of me."

"Casanova cometh soon", woos the sultry billboard.

February 10 2005 western daily press