April 6, 2012

The word for today is JINGS! - If you have been following David through his many radio appearances or even on Doctor Who Confidential you may know that he often uses the Scottish slang word Jings.

In an article from The Scottish Herald being interviewed by Anne Simpson he talks about his fondness for the word:

"Blackpool was tremendous fun. On the page it all looked quite possible to achieve but when we started rehearsing it was: 'Jings, how are we ever going to make this work?';

Learning dance moves, and singing and acting at the same time, it's not easy unless you're a full-on musical theatre twirlie."

Did he really say "jings"? Tennant laughs.

"Well, I started using the word ironically but now it seems to be stitched into my vocabulary even though I'm aware it sounds a little quaint." - June 6, 2005

The Glaswegian and Scottish words translation website defines Jings as "The polite was of saying 'For Fxxx Sake'"