April 28, 2012

All this week I have been talking about David's magazine covers and it certainly is no shock that we would be on the cover of Sci-Fi and TV genre magazines.  He has also turned up in some places that might not see so obvious but David's Doctor Who fever meant he really was everywhere!

David was on the cover of Reader's Digest in the UK in December 2009, the US edition is different as they don't put people on the cover, but let's face it in December 09 David truly was everywhere.

David was pictured on Equity's end of the year report for 2005 this is an industry, members only, business report. 

Even scholarly publications couldn't escape David's face - he was on the cover of Shakespeare Bulletin's April - December 2009 issue.  They describe themselves as "a peer-reviewed journal of performance criticism and scholarship, provides commentary on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama through feature articles, theatre and film reviews, and book reviews."