September 3, 2012

David was nominated for an Olivier Award for his performance as Jeff in 2002 production of The Lobby Hero.  The character spoke with an American accent and was clearly well received, unlike all of the press that went out after a clip of him speaking with an American accent in the US pilot Rex is Not Your Lawyer.

"David Tennant as Jeff is perhaps the least at ease with the Americaness of his role, but he is so good in other respects - so jumpy, so smart, so perplexed, so attractive - that it doesn't matter." - Sunday Telegraph - John Gross - April 14, 2002

". . .but all strands come together in Jeff, portrayed by the ever-watchable David Tennant as if Private Pike had been written by Mamet and played by a young Martin Sheen: all edgy wisecracks and self-deprecating sarcasm, but with an underlying feeling that here is an overgrown boy adrift in the world."  - The Financial Times - Ian Shuttleworth

"Jeff is the kind of man who cannot keep quiet and has a nasty habit of unintentionally irritating and offending those around him.  He also has the worst chat up line heard for some considerable time.  In (David) Tennant's performance there are many undertones of Woody Allen.  This makes for much comedy . . . David Tennant gives a very funny, poignant performance as Jeff." - The British Theatre Guide - Philip Fisher