September 13, 2012

Reported in The Sun, September 13, 2005:

"Good to hear filming of the new Dr Who ground to a halt yesterday, when Scots star David Tennant and others demanded to watch the cricket instead."

This blurb was in reference to The Ashes final played on September 12, 2005, England v. Australia.  England was victorious, winning an historic victory and bringing the Ashes back home to England.

The whole nation was riveted to the telly - apparently even in Cardiff!  Although I suspect that this hault in production might haven more motivated by the crew than the star!

The victorious England Cricket Team, fresh from their THE ASHES Test Series against the Australians, paraded through the streets of London on the 13th.
At one point, Wicketkeeper, Geriant Jones, caught a flying and inflatable Dalek, as it announced "Aussies exterminated".