September 21, 2012

The Big Question was a segment that started at the beginning of Doctor Who series four on the BBC website.  David and Catherine's chemistry with each other off screen is really apparent in these clips. Each weeks question was related to the episode for that week, for example - "This weeks episode is called Partners in Crime, have you had any favourite duos and what do you like about them?

Here is a list of the rest of the questions from David's era:

The Fires of Pompeii
- This weeks episode is about a famous event in history, if you were given a chance to change history, A: Would you risk it and B: Which event would you try to change?

Planet of the Ood - Ood are the servants of man, if you were each other's servants what would you refuse to do for each other?

The Sontaran Stratagem - Martha gets cloned in this episode, if you could clone yourself what would you get those clones to do for you?

The Poison Sky -
This episode is all about green issues, do you do your bit for the environment, how has this story made you think more about pollution and global warming?

The Doctor's Daughter - In this episode The Doctor becomes a father, what's the best piece of advice your parents gave you, even if you ignored it at the time?

The Unicorn and the Wasp - This episode is based around Agatha Christie, if you could be a famous fictional detective who would you be and why?

Silence in the Library - This episode is jam packed full of books, what was your favourite book as a child?

Forest of the Dead
- In the episode the people are saved by living in a computer, if you were the center of your own computer generated fantasy world what would be in it.

Midnight - This episode is about a mad vacation, what's your idea of the perfect holiday, what was the worst holiday you've ever had?

Turn Left - This episode is about the decisions you make in your life, if you could go back and alter one decision that would change your own life, what would that be?

The Stolen Earth -The Daleks make a reappearance and they are reintroduced to their creator Davros, what was your reaction when you heard that Davros was returning and what are the pros and cons of working with the Daleks?

Journey's End - This episode is the last in the series (boo), what have been the high points of working together on series four and is there a particular moment you rather not go through again?

Here are a couple of my favs: