September 26, 2012

Company magazine ran an article in 1997 called "Boys on Top" about the top Celtic pin-ups! 

Here is an excerpt: ". . .invites us to turn our attentions to the new breed of Celtic actor pin-up material. Top of the list, and certainly looking very fetching in his kilt (extra-long; we suspect he may not have top-class legs, the poor wee mite) is Joe McFadden. Lesser known are Dugald Bruce-Lockhart, Cal Macaninch, and David Tennant, who have all done a bit of this and that, mostly on telly."

Credits: TV: Rab C. Nesbitt, Takin' Over The Asylum, Strathblair.
Next up: TV: Duck Patrol.
David is a cop in new series Duck Patrol, with Richard Wilson. He says: "My character is in love with Samantha Beckinsale's, but she isn't in love with him."