September 28, 2012

David has certainly had his time on the UK airwaves but he has been on some radio shows more than others - some a whole lot more!

Christian O'Connell - Absolute Radio - Sept 28 2008 - present/2006 - Sept 08 - on Virgin Radio

March 21 - Appeared in studio to promote The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists

August 13 - David took part in the 'Gold' marathon to celebrate the London Olympics - he played a recording of David reading the lyrics of the song

September 2 - David was co-host for the entire 4 hour broadcast - antics include getting slapped in the face with a fish - also each week COC does a podcast of the weeks highlights  - David recorded a little bit of extra material for that weeks podcast.


January 21 - David called in to talk about his NTA award, the last episode of DW, his US pilot and Murder in Samarkand

October 7 - David was in the studio to talk about his series Single Father 

October 8 - Christian played a regular feature called Are You Smarter Than . .  . which featured David answering questions that were recorded the day before.

October 15 - COC played a voicemail that David had left on his answering machine

October 28 - David was the co-host for the whole 4 hour show - featuring a skit about trying to solve the murder that takes place in the Barry Manilow song 'Copacabana"


March 25 - David called into the show - he talked about hosting Comic Relief and the final read through of DW - this call was part of Who's Calling Christian - where each celeb that calls has to answer a question that the last celeb put forward and then give a question for the next celeb that calls.

April 8 -  David was in the studio - he played 'who is in the train seat' and also got hooked up to a lie detector and also the last of DW

November 11, 12 and 13 - David was co-host for the whole four hour show all three days - included was an auction of his bed for charity and a play/twittersode of DW involving Anthony Head


January 31 - David called into the show to weigh in on the starship Enterprise v/s the TARDIS and Kirk v/s The Doctor and his new Prius

April 4 - In the studio with Catherine Tate - promoting the new series of DW and they played TV theme tune roulette - also Christian interrupted them on a 'rival' radio show

November 21 - He talked about filming Glorious 39 and Einstein and Eddington and DW

December 19 - David called in to a special called "The Other Halves Show" - all of the radio on air talent had their wives doing there jobs

September 6, 2006 - COC called David's phone number for a feature called Do you have a celebrities phone number intending to leave a message and instead David was awoken from a sound sleep! 

January 30, 2006 - David called in (to XFM) as part of Bounty Hunter - the first Who's Calling Christian

April, 2006  - He helped Christian in the first episode of At Home with Mr T and talked about being the new Doctor and working with Billie Piper

December 21, 2006 - Played Buttons in the Virgin Radio Christmas panto - Cinderella - he was also interview by COC before about hiring his costume from the National Theatre and having to pay to rent a costume that was actually made for him when he was in What the Butler Saw!

Christian O'Connell - Radio 5 Live

January 29, 2011 - The broadcast was also available to view Live via Red Button service in the UK - David discussed his trip to Uganda and Red Nose Day, his upcoming play Much Ado About Nothing and his films Decoy Bride and United.

September 6, 2009 - David appeared on the first episode of The Christian O'Connell Solution - a show the BBC described as "topical comedy show, which seeks to solve some of the week's big news issues."