September 10. 2012

This quote from The Mail on Sunday, December 31, 2006.  The reviewer, Tom Cox, was reviewing Ricky Gervais Meets Christopher Guest, Ricky Gervais Meets Garry Shandling, The Ruby In The Smoke, Dracula, Duet Impossible and The Runaway Bride.  He did not really have great things to say about most of these shows but he did have this to say about David.

"David Tennant is beginning to handle the main role with the kind of camp-yet-manly aplomb Jarvis Cocker used at Pulp concerts."

David actually admitted to wanting to be Jarvis!  "Tennant does admit to one D-list fantasy: Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes. "I'd like to be Jarvis Cocker ; he's my karaoke favourite." - The Guardian - January 1, 2004

This article is not the only time David was compared to Mr. Cocker.

"He wears a thrift-store pinstripe and is somewhere between a rumpled commodities trader, a Renaissance swain and Jarvis Cocker." - The Sunday Telegraph - April 16, 2006 

He even told an interviewer "Jarvis Cocker had this look 10 years ago" when talking about his suit. - The Sunday Herald - April 9, 2006

Again with the fashion thing! - "... he resembles a blend of Jarvis Cocker and Columbo." - The Guardian - April 11, 2008

Even when he goes from Doctor Who to Hamlet he can't get away from the Pulp front man.  "Playing the prince of Denmark with the gawky charisma of a crazed Jarvis Cocker." - The Guardian - December 19, 2009 

The Herald was doing an article about Matt Smith's Doctor who outfit  and stated - "His successor David Tennant preferred indie, Jarvis Cocker -style suits and Converse trainers." - July 21, 2009

Did you know that Jarvis Cocker makes an appearance in Goblet of Fire - too bad David wasn't in the ball scene, he did attend the premiere though.