September 25, 2012

We all enjoy watching David on the big and little screens but it's even better when we get to peak behind the scenes!  What did we do before DVD extras! These are some featurette's that David has  - well featured in!

The Quatermass Experiment -  "Bring Something Back - The Making of The Quatermass Experiment"
Glorious 39 - "On the Edge of War: Uncovering Glourious 39"

Hamlet - The Making of Hamlet"

United - "Preparing to be United"

The Decoy Bride - "Behind the Scenes"

Fright Night - "Peter Vincent:Swim Inside My Mind" and "Live in Las Vegas: An Interview with Peter Vincent" and "How to Make a Funny Vampire Movie"

The Pirates!Band of Misfits - "So You Want to be a Pirate?" (features David's voice)