August 8, 2012

 In February of 2006 Character Options launched the first set of new Doctor Who action figures. There were three versions of David's Doctor in that release, wearing the striped suit with the coat, in just the suit and in a double pack called the Regeneration Set with him wearing the 9th Doctor's clothes. In January of 2008 an improved version of this figure was issued.

 In January 2008 a new 10th Doctor figure was issued with the same suit but he came with the triangulation gear from Army of Ghosts.

Then in February of 2008 The Doctor was issued with the portable Wire from The Idiot's Lantern this was one of thee toys that were exclusive to Woolworth's.  Also issued at the same time was The Doctor in the orange, dirty, spacesuit with the cracked helmet from Satins Pit.  The figure was then re-released in June of 2008 with the two urns and pedestals and no helmet.
In July 2008 Character Options issued the Doctor wearing his glasses and accompanied by 5 Adipose from the Partners in Crime episode.
Pary 2 of toys tomorrow!