August 16, 2012

A TV pilot is a television show produced and filmed or taped as a sample of a proposed series and David has filmed several some have aired and some have not.

Miles Better - aired July 1, 1992 as part of a Bunch of Five, a comedy series of five pilots for original situation comedies on Channel Four.  David had a very small part as a hapless policeman.  The story set in Glasgow tells the story of Miles who runs CU Alarm Systems to peddle peace of mind to the people of Bardonald. 

David starred in a pilot made by BBC Imagineering which later was renamed Research & Development.  The 20 minute film called Only Human was first shown in August 2002 at the BANFF Media Conference at a panel presented by Rowena Goldman.  David plays Tyler, a private detective who finds himself with an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant.  At the beginning of the film it states that the BBC shot this pilot to assess how motion carture/live animation can help create a dramatically engaging relationship between an actor and an animated character.

The Deputy, aired February 23, 2004 on BBC 1.  The 60 minute pilot was about the constant stream of politcians making life hard for Deputy Prime Minister Bob Galway, played by Warren Clarke, but he's kept grounded by his private secretary and radical wife. David played Christopher Williams, Mr, Galway's head cabinet secretary.

In December of 2009 David was in Los Angeles to film a pilot for NBC television in America called Rex is Not Your Lawyer.  The show was about a lawyer who suffered from panic attacks that he could no longer argue a case in appear in court.  He decides to start coaching his clients to represent themselves. The pilot episode, titled "Mabel Howard's Wrongful Termination," which was about a case involving a private school bus driver Mabel Howard. NBC decided not to green light the project and the pilot never aired.  

Spaced - was a pilot for Channel 4 hosted by Robert Webb, each week on his ship 'Captain Robert' is joined by three celebrities.

In a series of rounds they will nominate their most precious possessions, guilty pleasures, best loved landmarks or even all time favourite humans that they believe encapsulate earth as we know it. It is up to Robert and his crew plus the studio audience to decide which of these items will make it onto the ship.

The pilot was recorded on February 16,  2011 but was not aired they other two panelist in addition to David were Richard Ayoade and Fern Britton.