August 15, 2012

In honor of Julia Childs 100th birthday, todays post is all about food!  In interviews over the years David has mentioned things he likes to eat and things he doesn't!

"not a great fan of a pot noodle"

Fav guilty pleasure - plain white bread toasted, peanut butter, Mattesson's sausage, sliced thin and sunk into the peanut butter

Used to like Mr Kiplings French Fancies  but when he was doing DW he was brought 2 everyday with his tea so he kind of went off them

Likes millionaire shortbread

Must have turkey at Christmas

"Not excited by an egg & cress sandwich"

Doesn't like salmon

Takes coffee black and not instant
Mr Kipling;s
Prefers sweet popcorn to salted

Likes Peri Peri chicken

"Like a bit of haggis"

Doesn't like mince pie - "like a bunch of sweepings"
Cupcakes from Primrose Bakery in London

Laphroaig whiskey