August 23, 2012

Just When Stories is a collection of short stories in book and audio CD format, William Boyd, Hanif Kresishi, Lauren St. John and Michael Morpurgo have all contributed stories and Hugh Bonneville, Martin Jarvis and David Tennant, Romola Garai and Eddie Redmayneare are the narrators.  

All proceeds of the sale of the book/CD go to support the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Wild Aid, which fight against illegal wildlife trade. The title was inspired by Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. 

The audio CD was issued in August 2010 as a limited edition and features five selected stories from the book on 2 CD's. 
David Tennant narrates The Legend of Earthseasky by Nury Vittachi, which is about the animals of planet Earth holding a meeting at a secret location to find an answer to the threat of the Two-Legged Terror, a fast-breeding creature that is wiping out all other animal species.

Here is an excerpt: