August 31, 2012

David took part in a reading of Medea at the Cottesloe Theatre in London in February 2, 2001 at 2:30 pm, he read that part of the Bodyguard. This was part of a Greek Play reading series at The National that included readings of  Antigone, Ajax and The Dianiera. UK Theatre Web described the series as "Greek play readings celebrating a contemporary approach to the genre."

The reading was adapted by Liz Lochhead and directed by Graham McLaren.  The pair had collaborated on Medea for Graham's touring company called theatre Babel and this reading included some of that original cast including Maureen Beattie as Medea and Carol Ann Crawford as the Nurse.  Carol Ann had appeared with David early in his career in Merlin and The Princess and the Goblin and Maureen makes an appearance in The Decoy Bride.