May 7, 2012

The other film that is housed with the Scottish Screen Collection is called Spaces. Made in 1993 it tells the story of a young man's night shift in a car park in Edinburgh and the characters he meets over the course of the night: an older colleague with a troubled past, a bright young girl who uses the empty car park for her violin practice, and a young homeless boy.  The director, Steve Pang, stated that the film is trying to suggest the car park is a microcosm of society as a whole.

David plays Vinny, the attendant and the other four cast members are Colin Brown, Duncan, Daniel Byrne, Homeless Boy, Becky Baxter, the violinist Jane, and Mike Gibbin as the Kilted Drunk.  Mike was also the grip and assistant cameraman.

The film was A Stray Dog Film Company Production presented by First Reels and Napier University.

First Reels was a joint short film initiative from Scottish Screen (and its predecessor body the Scottish Film Council) and Scottish Television. First Reels was launched during 1991 by Scottish Film Council in response to a perceived need for small grants to help young and first time film-makers to make or complete their first film or video project. 

You can see a shot from the film here on a new website which has just launched, their aim is to get one photo of David from each of his works.