May 2, 2012

David has been in a number of short films some that are available online and others that people can see only at the Scottish Screen Achieve and even some that are lost in time and space.!

He appears very briefly in a film called Old Street which stars Ray Winstone.  The film has a run time of 12:09, including the credits, and David appears at 9:05 and has ten lines.  He also gets a most awkward hug from Ray's character which is certainly better than getting slugged by him!

The film was directed by Angus Jackson and the screenplay was written by Patrick Marber.  The short was a Box TV Production for FilmFour and was shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2004.

Box TV also produced the 2005 TV version of Sweeney Todd starring Ray Winstone!

The car park that was used in the film was Smithfield Central Market Car Park Holborn, EC1A 9DS