May 26, 2012

On November 4, 2007 David appeared on stage at the Domminion Theatre as a special guest during a one night only special live Fast Show.  Like Johnny Depp before him he appeared as a customer of Ken and Kenneth's getting measured for a suit!

"'How are you, sir?' 'Out with a Lady, sir? 'Did you give her one, sir?' 'Oooh, SIR!' On Sunday night, on stage at the Dominion, David Tennant found himself hemmed in on either side by Ken and Kenneth, the prim but far from proper tailors from The Fast Show. For a few uproarious minutes, the actor gamely allowed himself to be purred over by the pair, who mined his day job as Doctor Who for every cheap innuendo going. 'It gets bigger once you're inside,' salivated Mark Williams, a propos, only vaguely, the Tardis, while Paul Whitehouse nestled closer in leering approval.

It was a nice you-had-to-be-there moment, specially concocted for the occasion: a one-off live event to mark the launch of a definitive DVD box-set of the series. Entirely in keeping with the show's reputation for having raised the game in sketch comedy, Tennant's cameo signalled that a considerable amount of effort had gone into turning a promotional tool into a classy night out." - The Daily Telegraph - November 6, 2007 Dominic Cavendish
You can see more pics here!