May 16, 2012

A little bit of HP today - enjoy

"Barty Crouch JR ( David Tennant ) The 34-year-old Scot makes his Harry Potter debut as the son of Ministry Of Magic official Barty Crouch , who is played by Roger Lloyd Pack. Crouch Jr is an evil scheming wizard and the role, albeit a small one, is unlikely to win Tennant any fans among the young Harry Potter diehards.

"Doing Potter was great," says David. "It's a huge monster of a film, but also felt like a very friendly, creative place to be."" - The Daily Mail - November 11, 2005
"Even the evil Barty Crouch Jr is a great character. I was rather puzzled as to why I was so drawn to his weird creepiness, and why the main thing I liked about him was his leather jacket, until I logged on to the internet and found out that he is played by none other than David Tennant - soon to appear on our television screens as the new Doctor Who."  - The Sunday Telegraph - November 6, 2005
Why we are excited: It's darker and features new Doctor Who David Tennant , as Barty Crouch Junior. - The Daily Record - November 4, 2005