May 3, 2012

To continue on with the short films theme  -In 2002 David appeared in a great little film called 9 1/2 Minutes which was directed, edited and written by Josh Appignanesi and Misha Manson-Smith.  The music was provided by Lotown who have done music for adverts for Virgin, Ford, Orange and lots more! 

The story is about A couple meeting on a blind date decide to experience an entire relationship in nine-and-a-half minutes. So you could say it is a time travel story!  And one more thing - if you take out the beginning and ending credits  - the run time is 9 and 1/2 minutes. (10:22 in total)

The film's production company Mercenary Films which, is Misha's company, has the film up on their site for your viewing pleasure. CLICK HERE>

Once you watch that you can check out the web page I made so you can follow in David's footsteps!

You will notice that the film playing at the movie theatre is Nine and 1/2 Minutes and when the couple is talking outside the theatre you can see a poster for the film in the window.

David stars in this short with Zoe Telford, they play Charlie and Heather and are the only people in the film except for a brief appearance by Marcus Markou as the popcorn vendor and Felicite Du Jeu as Saskia - Charlie's date at the end.

The film was shot digitally for £10,000 and was premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, was a finalist in the BBC Talent Awards and had a theatrical release supporting Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

You can see Josh talk about the film and David in this video.