May 27, 2012

May 27, 2009 - David was filming his last stint dressed as The Doctor.  The Sarah Jane Adventures episode, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith filmed at Court Colman Manor from May 27th - 29th and also on June 1st.

This is the location of the wedding itself and the scenes with David and the children in the time lock.

David's last lines ever as The Doctor were "You two with me, spit spot."  Spit spot is a reference to Mary Poppins, who says this several times in the movie to Michael and Jane.
The scene is with Clyde and Rani  and The Doctor about to run up the staircase.

In The Doctor's Timeline the wedding takes place before The End of Time The Trickster alludes to the Doctor's fate when he tells him the gate is waiting for him, meaning the Immortality Gate the Master uses to replicate himself.