May 14, 2012

Since I had to bring my car into the garage today I thought I'd give you a few car items!

On Top Gear David states his first car was a Ford Fiesta - which he had at least by 1994 since it's the car he drove to move from London to Scotland as he stated in this line from a 2005 interview.

"But he did land a role in another Scottish TV series, Takin' Over The Asylum. Through it, David met his agent, packed his bags and headed south in his Ford Fiesta."  

He then bought a Ford Escort - which he had in 2000, which is where this line of interview comes from, he is talking about cleaning of his RSC make-up and drive back to London.  The K Reg is from 92-93 however so he bought it used.

"Every Saturday night he wipes off the slap, gets into his red K-reg Ford Escort and drives . . ." 

He then had a Skoda Octavia Ambiente which he still owned at the taping of Top Gear but was in the process of trading in to get the Prius he has now.

"If the nice, down-to-earth-guy bit is an act, I must say, it's a very good one. He still drives his modest old Skoda. "People are amazed that I've got a Skoda. Next time, I'll want something with ethics that I'm more comfortable with, you know, the eco thing. I'm waiting for someone to bring out something that will run on, I don't know, cornflakes." "

This quote is from an article from February 2007 so he was true to his word and did get an 'eco-thing' as he says.  So he is quite right when he says that it was not all John Barrowman's idea!

It was the Skoda that he was driving when he got his two speeding tickets on the M4 - "And twice he's been caught speeding down the M4 from Cardiff to London in his Skoda. "It's the best car I've ever had," he says. "It certainly doesn't need to be any faster.""