May 29, 2012

Ukelilli is an American singer/songwriter who writes songs on her ukulele that have a comedy-folk feel to them.  She has written about Eddie Izzard, Derren Brown, Simon Pegg, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Doctor Who and many others.

Eddie, Derren and Simon have all commented on her tunes!

In addition to her Doctor Who song she also has written one about David Tennant.  She was invited to the UK in February 2012 to perform at Ukelear Meltdown, England's largest ukulele festival.

Oh David Tennant you are my muse for this song
Oh David Tennant I wish you were here to sing along
And though you aren't I hope one day you might respond
Oh David Tennant Oh David Tennant

Oh David Tennant I sang a song about Doctor Who
I had intended for it to be a song all about you
And when it wasn't I hasd to write you your own tune
Oh David Tennant Oh David Tennant

Oh David Tennant all of your roles they feed my fix
When I am despondent a little Blackpool does the trick
And I first fowned at your Touchstone back in '96
Oh David Tennant Oh David Tennant


Oh David Tennant I sang a song to you just now
And how I meant it just like a bride giving her vow
You are more splendid then the cosmos will allow
Oh David Tennant Oh David Tennant Oh David Tennant

A tribute to the man, the myth, the legend: the Doctor.
The Doctor is a man who is the last remaining Timelord,
He travels all through time and space
Defender of the human race.
He's from a place called Gallifrey, billions of miles and years away,
But his accent is a North English sort,
Well plenty of planets have a north.
His history's long and cloudy, he never seems to age, who is this doctor -- who?
Doctor who?

His spaceship is the Tardis and it looks like a '50s police call box,

Using Timelord technology,
Makes it roomier than it should be.
He travels alone at times, but fancies travel with a companion,
Who's usually female and frequently cute,
And single and witty and smart to boot.
But who is this doctor, he just goes by "The Doctor," he won't tell us his name, so WHO?
Doctor who?

(whistle solo)

Like all Timelords instead of dying the Doctor regenerates,

Bright lights shoot out of his hands and his face,
And voila the Doctor has been replaced.
And of all the different lives he's led, he keeps the same brain in his head,
More time than could ever be logically fact,
But all of his memories kept in tact.
He never asks for fame, and saves the world all the same, well I'd say that deserves a song, now, wouldn't you?
released 22 November 2009

You can see here perform both the Doctor Who and David Tennant songs in this video - the David Tennant song is at 2:44.